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Focused on improving performance, Xprtise consultants design and implement innovative workplace learning solutions. We help organizations to develop a training strategy focused on the needs of the individual employee.

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Xprtise supports organizations in setting up and implement successful workplace learning strategies. Our consultants use the innovative 5 Moments of Need™ methodology to make sure that workplace learning (the ’70’ component within the 70-20-10 model) is really possible.

An important part in this approach is finding the right balance between formal and informal learning, in which the existing learning culture and project objectives serve as the base of the project. In this way, working, learning and performing become one entity.

Our approach

Knowledge and information must be easily accessible for employees. It is also important that this knowledge and information is totally relevant for the employee and its role. Our Xprtise approach provide an overarching framework for helping learners become and remain competent in their individual and collective work. It ensures that the total 70:20:10 learning solution is based on four basic principles:

  1. Integrated in the working process;
  2. Contextual; relevant regarding to the tasks and knowledge of the employee;
  3. Exactly enough; the right amount of knowledge and information to solve the specific problem of that moment;
  4. Reliable; the employee can fully assume that access to the correct and most accurate information is available.

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