Using practice-based models and frameworks

With our engagements, we always seek to optimize and build-on your companies current learning environment. Our practices are informed by the 70/20/10 Model and the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology. Xprtise has a long-standing strategic partnership with Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson of Apply Synergies.

Workplace learning strategy and transformation Xprtise

Workplace learning strategy and transformation

With our experience as both consumers and providers of learning services, we know that it all starts with the right strategy. We can help you build a blueprint for your organization’s learning and performance needs within your unique environment (internal vs. external, within a given budget, considering existing architecture, etc.).

Learning analysis and prioritization design Xprtise

Learning analysis and prioritization design

Through a structured methodology, we will help you to identify the key tasks of a particular role, prioritizing them in terms of criticality, and design a plan for addressing each task through a learning or support intervention. This approach ensures that all needs are met with the appropriate solution, rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

Development, implementation and sustainment Xprtise workplace learning solutions

Development, implementation and sustainment

Strategy and analysis are important, but without the proper implementation they will not mean much. We can take that next step with you – building those solutions that will make the impact for your organization. From detailed designs through content development and technical deployments, we will make sure that the analysis is carried through to practice.

Value creation analytics Xprtise Performance Support

Value creation analytics

Our way of looking at workplace learning often requires a shift in how the organization thinks and operates. In a way, it’s like learning a new language to talk about learning workplace learning. With our experience, we can help you move towards a new kind of learning organization – one that looks at performance and application first.


Our goal is always to focus on impact, designing the right solution for the right need. To help us consistently achieve this goal, we have built strategic partnerships with three key solution providers. Each of the partners below brings a specific expertise that we can bring into our end-to-end solutions.

Xprtise opleiding 5 Moments of Need Designer Certificate

Methodology & Strategy

Frameworks like 70:20:10 and Performance Support are all the rage in our industry today. Few if any refute their merit, the challenge for most learning and development departments and professionals has been knowing how to shift their design methodologies in a realistic and scalable way to create the learning and support deliverables necessary to meet these emerging trends. The 5 Moments of Need is an instructional design methodology specifically created to address these challenges.

Adaptive Learning

Drillster is an adaptive, assessment based learning tool. You get immediate feedback while you are studying. This results in 10% higher study results in 40% less time. Drillster keeps your knowledge up-to-date and repeats learning material just before you tend to forget.

Askdelphi partner of Xprtise Performance Support

Performance Support

AskDelphi provides a Performance Support software platform that enables your workforce to perform effectively at every changing moment of need by providing just the right amount of support when needed,
so that employees can perform autonomously and become experts at what they do.

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