Neeltje de Ruijter, Consultant Xprtise: “We are crossing borders! In 2018 we were award winners with Alrijne in the Learning Technologies Awards. Since then we’ve taken many more steps with AskAlrijne. That this inspiring Performance Support solution is once again an award winner is certainly something we are proud of!”

Organize learning closer to the workplace

A strategic goal of Alrijne is to create an effective workplace: recruiting and retaining well-qualified staff working in a stimulating learning environment. The current healthcare labor market is characterized by shortages and stiff competition between the various healthcare organizations in the region to attract and retain new staff. Caroline Luijbregts, Training Consultant at Alrijne Hospital says “We have translated this strategic goal into a specific learning approach, using technology to distribute learning, providing learning closer to the workflow, making it more accessible, smarter organized, in the right place, at the right time. This reduces the training burden for our nurses and makes learning more attractive and accessible to other target groups as well.”

The solution

For the solution that meets the criteria set by Alrijne Hospital, a combination of performance support and adaptive learning technologies were chosen. Two different technologies were used: Performance Support (with AskDelphi), Adaptive Learning (with Drillster). Performance Support allows nurses to proficiently perform their  tasks – at any time – providing them just the right amount of information. Adaptive Learning then helps nurses keep their skills up to date continuously. For Alrijne, collaboration with the healthcare professionals, the experts on content and application, is paramount. They are the users, they know best what is needed, what they need, at their moment of apply.

Alrijne and Xprtise are the first Dutch organizations to be winning finalists of the Belgian L&D Awards. Caroline: “We are very proud of this! The fact that we can inspire (healthcare) organizations in Belgium with innovation in the field of learning, performance support and adaptive learning motivates me to continue to develop our workplace learning solution.”

Within 18 months, AskAlrijne has more than 1,600 users, 99% of users meet the ‘Medical Arithmetic’ control target, and several new topics have been developed and added using the same 5 Moments of Need methodology. Satisfaction with the solution is high. Alrijne staff like the fact that they can work on their skills at a time when it suits them, that the questions are in line with their day-to-day work-practice, that they receive feedback while learning. Caroline: “We pay a lot of attention to the 5 Moments of Need methodology in Alrijne. AskAlrijne is a unique combination of performance support and adaptive learning, where the methodology for us is the foundation and the starting point!”

Nursing process workflow

Going forward, Alrijne Hospital is even more focused on their vision of learning while working (workplace learning) where staff taking responsibility and owning the direction of their learning, is key.

Caroline: “We are going to go deeper into data analysis and measure the return on investment of these solutions; We see value in creating and linking several topics in a ‘nursing process’ workflow increasing the connection to process, tasks and steps that support employees whilst they work; We’re going to be working on an AskArlijne mobile app; There is also a lot of interest from other healthcare organizations in our approach and solutions with AskDelphi, so we’re definitely going to work with other hospitals too in 2020.”

The L&D Awards 2020 are held on 26th March in Antwerp, where the award winners will be honored.