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Struggling with implementing an informal learning program? Heard of 70/20/10 but don’t know where to start? Are you supporting an initiative and know that you can’t address it with eLearning and classroom training? Don’t know where to start?

Meet Xprtise learning consultants

We are performance-focused learning consultants with experience across just about every industry. We are focused on impact by designing the right solution for the right need. We look to embed and enable knowledge and learning in the workflow, leading to performance improvement that can be seen and measured.

Our experience has taught us that not all knowledge and skills can be addressed in the same way. A “one size fits all” approach does not work when looking to support performance. You don’t have to cover it all. Time is the most precious commodity we have, and more than ever, we have to spend it wisely. We know how to pinpoint those most critical skills that merit that extra time.

We have consulted with many Fortune 500 organizations, driving performance improvement through a variety of learning, performance support, change management and other initiatives. In addition, we have played the internal learning consultant role, so we are familiar with the challenges you face and can help you get internal buy-in for your learning programs.

Our typical engagements address a wide variety learning and performance initiatives, including:

  • Enterprise software deployment
  • Employee onboarding
  • Required compliance
  • Process enablement
  • Strategy activation
  • Product/support knowledge

The team

Alfred Remmits


Greg Groce

Managing Director, US

Robert Bezemer

Business Consultant

Janine van Zoest

Business Consultant

Neeltje de Ruijter

Manager Operations

Rachel Brouwer

Senior Consultant

Marco Tiemersma

Senior Consultant

Jo Buuts

Senior Consultant

Saskia Huussen


Thomas van Kerkhof


Genevieve Hartman

Content developer

Sarah Le Tourneau

Content developer

Dave Groce

Global Manager Support & Helpdesk

Peter van Overbruggen

Senior Consultant

Paul Stevens

Business Development Consultant, Europe

Eleni Iatridis

Senior Consultant

Alex Koffeman

Business Development Consultant

Dian Stassen


Robin de Graaf


Iris Oomen


Coen van Maar


Marieke van Zuilen


Milou Seuren


Nikai Ruikes


Susanne Sterkenburg

Marketing & Communication specialist

Based in Philadelphia, delivering worldwide

While we call Philadelphia home, our network of consultants works across the country, onsite or virtually, to deliver for our clients.