Workflow-based learning and performance

We build and implement workplace learning solutions that meet the needs of diverse colleagues, where and when they are needed.

Learning Strategy & Needs Analysis

The first step is to create a strategy aligned to desired business outcomes. This Learning and Performance strategy needs to define specific learning and performance needs through the best combination of workflow-based, formal (classroom and e-learning), and social learning, and performance support. The goal is to enable employees to perform effectively at the moment where they need it the most: on the job. We look to improve employee performance through more widespread, consistent, and appropriate learning support. This process starts with a Job Task Analysis, where we define the tasks, knowledge, and concepts an employee needs to effectively perform in his or her role. A Critical Skill Analysis then serves to identify and prioritize those tasks based on their criticality and impact of failure. From the results of this two-phased analysis, Xprtise creates a Learning & Performance blueprint, addressing all identified needs with appropriate solutions.

Learning & Development

Design, Develop & Implement

Using the results of the analysis phase, we move ahead to building appropriate, targeted, impactful solutions for your company. Starting with a detailed design, to content development, technical integration, and communication, we work to ensure the plan is carried out all the way through tackling identified business challenges. The solution is designed to enable performance at the moment of need.. All decisions on the right solution are made collaboratively by Xprtise and the customer, based on the analysis. In most cases, our customers require solutions with appropriate technology in content authoring, context recognition, multi-device access, and secure hosting. The content created in these solutions is then typically deployed via a variety of channels, including: computer, tablet and mobile.

Results & Business Impact

In collaboration with the customer, Xprtise determines a set of business measures that are addressed by the Learning & Performance blueprint and that drive the business case for implementation of a continuous improvement initiative. Consistent, ongoing measurement improves the management of KPIs and helps justify and optimize the investments made in products and services to support them. The analysis phase identifies the business needs, the needed performance change, and the scope objectives for the learning and performance solution. As we design and build the solution, we define an approach to measure all relevant KPIs and provide reporting to all key stakeholders.

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