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Every day, the consultants at Xprtise work to implement learning solutions that help our clients perform better. The form these solutions takes varies based on the client, the need, and the audience. Read about some of our success stories below.


As a leading, global, consumer products manufacturer of oral care, home care, personal care and pet nutrition products, Colgate-Palmolive is in more homes than any other brand. How does a company like Colgate support and enable the teams on the shop floor to maintain quality and consistency of Colgate products?

Axalta Coating Systems

As a leading supplier of automotive coatings for car manufacturers around the world, Axalta has a prospective training audience in North America alone that reaches 100,000. People who sell, distribute and use Axalta coatings and refinish products need to be kept up to date with product advancements and specialized application techniques. The Drillster Adaptive Learning Platform secures long-term learning in a different way.

Subsidies Bureau City of Amsterdam

In early 2018, in close cooperation with the Amsterdam School, the Subsidies Bureau introduced Performance Support. This was part of the ‘Learning to Change’ initiative which provided more than 500 subsidy processors assistance when managing subsidy applications, right at their moment of need.

City of Amsterdam

Training employees and helping them develop in their careers is an important the approach of the City of Amsterdam. This is provided by the Amsterdam School. Together with Xprtise they investigated how they can offer more and better support to employees during work with the help of the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology. With information that is relevant to them at the moment of need.


In order to create and guarantee a safe (work) environment for everyone, Arkin has developed the DIM (de-escalating intervention method) training for its employees. A topic that is ‘top of mind’ all year round, but how do you ensure that the right knowledge is also available all year round? To this end, Arkin started a collaboration with Xprtise to find the right training strategy.

Alrijne Healthcare Group

It’s important for nurses to have good math skills for the safety of Alrijne Healthcare Group’s patients. In order to improve and innovate the education policy for “Math for Nurses,” Alrijne Healthcare Group asked Xprtise to work on hospital-specific workplace learning solutions. The result? A clear educational program and motivated nurses.



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