The Sint Maartenskliniek is all about human movement. As a specialized hospital, it is a leading treatment center in the Netherlands and Europe for diseases of posture and movement. So, it focuses on orthopedic diseases, rheumatic diseases, post-illness or accident rehabilitation, pain treatments, and children's orthopedics. Netty Schuurmans, Learning and Development consultant at the Maartensacademie:

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"Making calculations is inextricably linked to the work of our nurses, anesthesia staff, and pharmacy assistants. However, taking the annual math test is viewed as stressful and difficult, but it is a crucial part of the work. So that's why we were looking for a solution that would stimulate our staff to help them maintain and continuously improve their math skills."

Improve training approach

Inspired by AskAlrijne, the workplace learning solution used by Alrijne Healthcare, the Maartensacademie started early 2021 to set up their own workplace learning solution following The 5 Moments of Need® approach - with the mission to optimize the safety and quality of patient care and processes. The vision behind the 5 Moments of Need fits with Sint Maartensacademie's vision of learning and development. Working with Xprtise, the methodology's potential has been used to improve the training innovatively. Netty: "In the annual math test, nurses need to get an A to pass. This causes a huge amount of stress, especially when you might take an e-learning course some time in the past, then are expected to pass the one-off test without a single mistake. That doesn't keep your math skills on track. There must be another way!"

The aim of the implementation of the new workplace learning solution is therefore to:

  • Reduce the training time and abolish the compulsory test
  • Increase satisfaction with the Math Skills training approach
  • Reduce calculation errors incurred through human error
  • Maintain knowledge levels continuously high
  • Contribute to a positive JCI accreditation (an international quality mark for hospitals that measures what comes into practice from all protocols and care plans).

Start from the task

In Xprtise's approach, the tasks of Sint Maartenskliniek staff are the starting point in defining the training plan. The roles and tasks they do are mapped out in a structured manner. In addition, the related concepts are identified, providing the employee with all information to perform the tasks correctly. Rachel Brouwer, consultant Xprtise: "We want the project to enthuse as many employees as possible and that all departments are represented for the content. So, a member of each department was involved as an ambassador."

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In contrast to other hospitals' Math for Nurses projects, Sint Maartenskliniek also defines specific tasks per department and function. Rachel explains: "Suppose you work in anesthesia and doing blood transfusions is not part of your job, then you don't have to answer those questions about that either. You can have a look at them, but you don't have to do anything with them. This is arranged per department."

Testing and fine-tuning

Until 1 October 2021, there is a practice phase to test, fine-tune and possibly adjust the workplace learning solution. Rachel: "This way, staff can get involved and become familiar with the solution, and we can process the feedback they give." Netty: "We also have this practice phase to create support and remove the pressure and stress surrounding the exam." The staff at Sint Maartenskliniek are enthusiastic about the tool and the content of the questions. There has been much practice since the launch. "As of 1 October, we will close the practice phase, and the tool will be fully deployed. Then we will also measure the results. I am confident that this innovative workplace learning solution will deliver good results within our organization."

A positive collaboration

Netty's experiences of working with Xprtise are very positive. "Xprtise consultants do not provide a standard solution but take a good look at the problems within our hospital. They are agile thinkers and have a lot of experience with numeracy models. They provide many examples and advise us well on the design of the workplace learning solution and the content of the calculation questions.

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Due to the pandemic, we had to prepare everything, working virtually. That went very well and did not detract from the quality of the work delivered. I'm  very, very satisfied."

Source photos: Sint Maartenskliniek

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