Xprtise workplace learning solutions support the entire 70-20-10 Model. Thomas: “We make sure that learning takes place during work. That employees can perform their daily tasks quickly and efficiently using job descriptions and supporting information. All formal learning such as e-learning, coaching and training, should contribute to this. Xprtise uses Drillster to keep the knowledge and skills of employees up-to-date and compliant. Drillster is a valuable addition to workplace learning and the 70-20-10 model.

On the 5th March masterclass, Drillster showcased their new software developments, including a new app, and a number of users shared their thoughts and experiences of working with Drillster.

Internal communications

“Will I lose my job if I get it wrong too much?”
Drillster often introduces new way of learning for employees. For example, they no longer receive one big test a year but are tested easily all year round so that knowledge stays up-to-date and current. Both KLM Cargo and Vodafone Ziggo showed how important it is to manage the internal communications well when introducing Drillster as a new learning tool.


“A story puts you in the situation where you have to exhibit the behavior.”
A couple of years ago, Drillster launched a new feature: the story. In this year’s masterclass, Drillster showcased an example of a story where the user answers several questions at crucial moments in a storyline. In this way, a learner gets to apply their knowledge right after learning it.

Creative writing (in your drills)

“Make every drill stand out. Not only to teach, but to surprise!”
Two ladies from the organization Superscript enriched us with tips on how to make drills stand out, how to make them more engaging. We practiced writing from a different perspective, moving away from standard sentences. Very valuable to use these tips when you start developing new drills with your team to make the process more fun and your drills more appealing.

Thomas: “Nice to work with an organization that continues to evolve. We learn from each other and see what other organizations do!”

About Drillster

Drillster is a provider of innovative technology for faster learning and better remembering. Drillster is unique in developing and maintaining sustainable knowledge and measuring knowledge gained from learning materials. This makes Drillster ideally suited for compliance training within companies and for any type of training or study where ready-knowledge is important. Drillster is used by companies, educational publishers, educational institutions and by individual users in a free community.