Masie has a global image of one of the most important thought leaders in corporate learning and innovation. He is known as organizer of the annual Masie Learning event in Orlando, he is publisher of the newsletter ‘Learning Trends by Elliot Masie’, and author of now twelve books about L&D-field. The whole Xprtise team is proud of Masie joining us today and that we were able to manage this event in such a short time, with so many enthusiastic L&D professionals.

‘Engage in thinking how learning is changing’

The meeting started with a short introduction by Alfred Remmits, CEO of Xprtise. After that Nicole Reimink-Böttger, Product Owner Learning and Diversity & Inclusion at ABN-AMRO, presented the Learning and Development vision of the ABN-AMRO Bank. Then it was Masie’s turn to speak. In the short hour, he takes all L&D Professionals with him in as he calls it: ‘Engage in thinking how learning is changing’.

At that moment he probably does not know yet that he ends his talk by saying: ‘Our biggest issue is: we L&D… don’t think we are in charge’. Janine van Zoest from Xprtise: “I think that completes the circle!’”

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Masie only uses one slide. According to him PowerPoint belongs to the ‘list of illegal drugs’ these days. He says that when you are staring at a PowerPoint for an hour, you will fall asleep. On that one slide there are trends described in concise words that will influence our L&D field strongly in the next year. One by one Elliot Masie talks about them, in complete random order.

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Masie’s first statement was: ‘Learners change faster than we do’. According to him, it’s learners that we should focus on and listen to better. He gives attendees time to think about it and discuss this with their neighbors.

The vibe in the room during the short discussion shows that this statement has an impact on the attendees. Then Masie gives five examples:

  • Learners don’t remember anything; they prefer to search for information.
  • We like it better to watch then to read;
  • But we never finish a video till the end;
  • We don’t accept what we learn as the truth. Masie says that we look for a ‘second opinion’;
  • And last but not least: we don’t want to learn anything we:
    • Already know;
    • Can look up;
    • We are not going to need soon;
    • We can ask a colleague easily;

Janine: “I listened fascinated. Masie gave me and the Xprtise team a great eye-opener: ‘With too many options, they will not choose one’. The mix of learning activities in our 70:20:10 theory is important. In that methodology is all about pointing things that really impact our personal and business results. The 5 Moments of Need™ methodology of Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson which we apply at our customers, has the most important role in this. This approach is about five moments of learning need where employees are confronted with in their learning- and performance lifecycle and it separates critical tasks from less critical tasks in the workflow.”

New technologies

After Masie talked about the examples, he also speaks about new technologies which will (in the future) play a role in Learning & Development. He emphasized the importance of recommendations, the decreasing role of LMS and increasing role of chatbots and smart speakers. He names concrete and interesting practical examples of organizations who already use this. Also subjects as evaluation, personalization and autonomous learning are covered. Janine: “Masie’s story provides in a short time a complete overview of focus areas for Learning and Development in 2018.”

Do you want to know more?

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