Project manager Thomas van Kerkhof of Xprtise has been involved in the implementation of workflow learning within Aviko from the start. Today we will talk to him about his experiences so far and the plans for the future.

What problem has Xprtise solved for Aviko?

"Aviko wants to support its employees in and during their daily work as good as possible, so that they can quickly start working independently. That is also the biggest challenge of the Academy", says Thomas. "Especially now that new people are difficult to find, aging is occurring and employment contracts are getting shorter. The 5 Moments of Need® methodology and the use of performance support helps them to bring learning to the workplace and to innovate the learning offer. Employees can always fall back on '@tje' so that employees can work independently more quickly and we as an L&D department have to include less in our training programs."

What exactly is @tje?

"'@tje' is the performance support system that has been introduced from the 5 Moments of Need® methodology to support employees during their work. @tje stands for '@ the job education' and is filled with processes, tasks, steps and supporting knowledge and information for various jobs. Operators at the factory line use this, for example, if they are deployed on another line, do not longer know it anymore or if there is a new machine. Field staff use it, for example, to 'check' in advance how they take a sample during a visit to the farmer. And managers, for example, use it to learn how to guide absenteeism after an absenteeism report."

In collaboration with Aviko, Xprtise has made a video about the workplace learning solution at Aviko. This video explains what the question was, how a workplace learning solution contributes and why Aviko works well with Xprtise. Watch the video below for an extra explanation of Aviko's workplace learning solution '@tje'.

What challenges have we encountered?

“The challenge Aviko faced was that they wanted to organize learning more efficiently by making learning in the workflow possible. In the 5 Moments of Need® methodology they found the solution to do that. What was also very much appreciated from the work floor is that the performance support solution was seen as an opportunity to use a uniform working method between teams, in a way that contributes to the quality and safety of production and products. 

Innovating the training offer by bringing learning to the workflow from the 5 Moments of Need® methodology is a change that demands something from everyone. From employees who learn in a different way, and from supervisors who guide them in this, but also, for example, from team leaders who steer in this direction and strategists and policymakers who create the preconditions for this. This also means that it constantly needs time and attention to implement the change.

In addition, it takes time to carry out a good analysis of the work with people who carry it out themselves, and it is a challenge to schedule people off for this. However, this is necessary to see the desired improvement in the future. Think, for example, of shorter training time, fewer errors in the production process and increased production through a uniform working method that everyone can fall back on at any time. Aviko has solved the availability of people by working in the form of sprints. Employees are scheduled completely off in periods of two weeks to contribute to the development of the performance support system.”

How is the end-user experience? 

“The end users like to have all the information and knowledge they need for their work at hand when they start applying it.  As a result, this allows them to work independently more quickly during their training period and supervisors have to spend less time and attention on new employees, without compromising on safety and quality. Supervisors also have more time to contribute to the production themselves.  In addition, '@tje' ensures fewer errors and increased production because a uniform working method is used and errors can be solved faster.”

How do you see the future of L&D at Aviko? 

“I expect that in the future Aviko will approach training according to the 5 Moments of Need methodology for all different job functions and thus have a clear vision and strategy for its training and continuous support of employees. As a result, they can always support employees during the work and, in addition, include the critical knowledge and skills in the overall training offer.”

Did you learn anything from this experience at Aviko yourself?

“That the method must be leading in relation to a technology, but that the correct operation of technology is conditional for the method to succeed. Or in other words: that integrating a system is not enough, but that you really have to actively guide the change that goes hand in hand with the innovation of the training offer from the 5 Moments of Need® methodology.

That it is good to share the responsibility for training and keeping information up-to-date between the so-called business and Academy from the start. That's what Aviko did.”

What are the advantages for Aviko of this approach?

  • Efficient training
  • Reducing the supply of formal instruction and thus less development, maintenance and management for it
  • Safety is guaranteed
  • Quality is guaranteed
  • Error reduction
  • Increased production

What could L&D'ers take from this process or solution into their own solutions?

“By means of a Proof of Concept, we found out that the methodology fitted well with Aviko's practice, and that the organization was positive about the change based on the delivered Proof of Concept. In addition, it gave the L&D department a good idea of what the methodology entails for them as a department. In this low-threshold way, an L&D department can get started and experiment with innovating learning with the help of 5 Moments of Need.”

Curious about the possibilities for your organization?

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