When Erasmus MC and Xprtise launched an online portal at the beginning of the pandemic where healthcare workers from Erasmus MC and beyond could train and get informed about the COVID-19 virus, many healthcare institutions were inspired to do the same. The EPAs were also a key driver. EPA's (entrustable professional activities) form an essential basis for theoretical and practical education in healthcare. They indicate which activities a healthcare professional must become proficient in and what knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors* are required for this. The reason that so many healthcare organizations, including ADRZ and ZorgSaam, focus on this? The 5 Moments of Need lends itself perfectly to this.

Design 5 MoN training courses

Rachel Brouwer, consultant at Xprtise: "Two years ago, several employees from ADRZ andZorgSaam participated in the course, and then it was time to take a broader approach. We ran a pilotfor Basic Acute Care in ADRZ (ED, ICU, AOA, CCU, and Recovery were all involved). It worked so well that they wanted to extend the approach by training their employees to design the training according to the 5 Moments of Need® method. The in-house program, where we are present at the customer's premises one day a week, is very effective for this."

Time for focus and execution

The in-house training program can focus much on the organization itself. First, the theory is reviewed, then it can be put into practice immediately. Jo Buuts, 5 Moments of Need® instructor: "There isn't typically much time for work-based assignments in hospitals, but by concentrating the program to one day a week, there was time for focus and execution. We were also able to engage guest lecturers to review other topics such as Measurement, Proof of Concepts, and Implementation. And so fundamental, EPA-based, 5 Moments of Need® workflow learning solutions were developed and ordered into formal learning journeys."

EPAs for­­­ healthcare

There are about 200 EPAs needed in the new Healthcare training program. Marco Tiemersma, 5 Moments of Need® instructor: "We have developed topics with various healthcare organizations using the 5 Moments of Need® methodology. The great thing is that organizations can exchange these EPAs. During this in-company program, we tackled new topics: Emergency Care, Mother and Child, and Cardio Care Unit. A nice addition. The workflow learning solutions that have been created are of high quality, and the results are good. During the shared presentations of the solutions that were designed, we also had people from Erasmus MC and ASz participate; a powerful sign that this is supported not only by the organization but also by fellow hospitals."

The support for all healthcare professionals

Marieke Elst, Training Advisor at ADRZ: "The methodology strongly helps you critically analyze and map your work and learning process through the 5 Moments of Need®. Not only does it help prevent major mistakes, but it also reduces the workload and helps employees feel confident in the new tasks to be carried out and get continuity in their work. In my opinion, the methodology is all the support needed for healthcare professionals, whether in the training sector or not."

About ADRZ and ZorgSaam

ADRZ is a general hospital with locations in Goes, Vlissingen, and Zierikzee. Since 2017, the hospital has been part of Erasmus MC. They work together with general practitioners and other healthcare organizations in the region to improve Zeeland's quality and efficiency of care. ZorgSaam Zorggroep is the care specialist for the young and old in the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen region. It offers hospital care, ambulance care, home care, and elderly care.

Interested in 5 Moments of Need in-house training?

Are you interested in learning about the 5 Moments of Need® methodology in an in-house training program that innovates nursing and medical support education? Would you like to receive more information? Then visit 5momentsofneed.eu or contact Janine van Zoest via info@xprtise.com.

*Source: https://www.czoflexlevel.nl

Photo credit: adrz.nl

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