Care requires learning; learning requires care. With the AskAlrijne workflow learning solution, Alrijne Healthcare supports its employees and prompts learning while people work. Via the Performance Support platform AskAlrijne, the topic Maths for Nurses is prompted and accessible within two clicks or 10 seconds. More than 1,600 staff in Alrijne are supported in their workflow and practice their maths skills with adaptive learning in AskAlrijne. This approach results in 10% higher study results in 40% less time. It keeps knowledge up-to-date and repeats learning just before an employee starts to forget…

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Jury comments

The jury was full of praise and called AskAlrijne ‘a textbook example of high impact learning in a professional context’.

"The ROI of learning and development, which is often difficult to justify, is immediately clear with this solution. The modern technology used facilitates adaptive learning and supports the performance of the employee. It needs insight and courage to use technology that enables the acquisition and maintenance of critical skills in the work context. For the jury, this was a textbook example of high impact learning in a professional context. Congratulations!"

Alrijne and Xprtise are the first Dutch organizations to be winning finalists of the Belgian L&D Awards. Caroline Luijbregts, Learning & Development Advisor at Alrijne Hospital: “We are very proud of this! The fact that we can inspire healthcare organizations in Belgium with innovation in the field of learning, performance support, and adaptive learning motivates me to continue to develop our workplace learning solution.”

The L&D Awards are organized annually by Stimulearning, a Learning Network for learning, training, and talent management professionals in Belgium. 

Source pictureAlrijne Hospital.