In a conversation with Alrijne Healthcare Group about workplace learning, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for Fons. “We want to implement the 70:20:10 principle with the Stedin Internal School this year. Not only does learning need to be smarter, faster, and better, but it should also be continuous, at a lower cost, and with a higher return. In other words, the effort to learn and the lack of learning must decrease while the results should increase.” When his old acquaintance Alfred Remmits turned out to work for Xprtise, Fons quickly established contact.

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A Proof of Concept in 3 days

To change meters, resolve technical problems, and take care of maintenance, Stedin mechanics are required to follow BEI and VIAG safety training. This certification is valid for three years and will soon expire for about 60 mechanics. “It’s a great chance to run a workplace learning pilot,” according to Fons. Xprtise took two days to analyze the mechanics’ work processes and to inventory their associated tasks, actions, and activities. The results of this analysis were then used as a starting point to develop the learning solution.

Three days later, “Yellow” was born. It’s currently still a Proof of Concept (conceptual workplace learning solution), but for Stedin Internal School it’s already a fully fledged online learning colleague that “is innovative, that can be everywhere at once, that can always help employees learn, when they want to learn something new, when they want to learn more, when they want to apply something, when something changes, or when something goes wrong. To get the best out of themselves.


At Stedin, they’re happy with their new “colleague.” Fons: “From the conversations and during presentations, it seems that this is the solution we’ve been waiting for. There’s enthusiasm everywhere, with a critical note here and there. We’re taking that on board in the further development of the Proof of Concept.” Fons is also enthusiastic about the collaboration with Xprtise: “It’s nice to work with a group of people who know what it’s all about. Their plans are well thought out, and in combination with a dose of (Brabant-style) conviviality, you quickly feel at home.” After this pilot with the Stedin mechanics, workplace learning solutions will also be developed within Yellow for other target groups.

About Stedin Internal School

Stedin Internal School is part of the HRM department. The Internal School stands for education for the new energy generation, and it contributes to accelerating the energy transition and increasing skill. The education and training programs have been specially developed and are focused on the work of Stedin employees. Think safety training (standards), technical training (skill), but also training courses that help employees (better) learn how to control the systems and processes. All technical employees are trained through the Internal School, making it an important strategic partner for Stedin Operations.

Source photo and video: Stedin.


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