The 5 Moments of Need® methodology is the basis of the Ask Erasmus MC workplace learning and performance support environment. This took some readjustment for the Erasmus MC employees involved. They were used to traditional, formal training events, the 10 of the 70:20:10 model, with some learning on the job. The outbreak of the coronavirus changed all of that immediately with the launch of the workplace learning solution Ask Erasmus MC.

Information easy to find

The 5 Moments of Need® provides a clear structure to support learning and drive performance in the workplace. The solution is visually attractive and has an accessible layout. Via the AskDelphi Performance Support platform, healthcare professionals on Ask Erasmus MC get just enough of the support they need to carry out their jobs, within two clicks or ten seconds. Mari Tere Zaragoza: “The great thing about Ask Erasmus MC is that the information people need is organized into their workflows and easy to find. We received and continue to receive content from the professionals out there. If people find that Ask Erasmus MC is missing something about situations they encounter in their work, they send us in their tips, even detailed clinical lessons, checklists, work instructions and other materials they’ve created.” So, the workplace learning solution Ask Erasmus MC is always growing with peer-contributed information.

Content evolution and curation

As information about the behavior of the virus and course of the disease emerges, so too the workplace learning solution evolves. When guidelines are adjusted or new topics emerge, these are highlighted in Ask Erasmus MC, such as in the case of ethics and palliative care. Madelon Panman explains: “We’ve got an approach where we regularly check the content with experts and evaluate with the professionals what content they find more useful and what information needs to be updated.” The challenge lies in curating the content well, making sure it’s relevant and specific to the roles and tasks of the healthcare professional. The quantity of information should be just enough so that employees are not overloaded with irrelevancies. And it must be accurate and correct. Mari Tere: “The information about infection prevention for example was and still is, changing. For example, on the types of masks or the protection rules. This means we’ve had to continuously adjust the content of our instructional videos.” Erasmus MC Academy must be able to refer quickly to the experts about things like this. “So far everyone has been cooperating well.”

It is and remains a challenge to present all information consistently. All role tasks and workflows in Ask Erasmus MC need to be presented in the same way. This requires the necessary discipline. Madelon: “We’ve set up a project group that discusses progress every week, prioritizes content and coordinates what should and shouldn’t be included in the workplace solution. Initially, Xprtise would manage and publish the Ask Erasmus MC content for us. Now we have two administrators trained for this and we manage the platform ourselves.”

Positive reactions and experiences

The launch of Ask Erasmus MC and in particular the sharing of Erasmus MC content with healthcare professionals throughout the Netherlands, has generated many positive reactions and experiences. The workplace solution has been used extensively both internally and externally. Madelon: “The solution has helped create more openness amongst other hospitals and healthcare professionals to equally share their knowledge, learn from each other and exchange information. For example, we’ve shared our COVID-19 content with another hospital that uses the AskDelphi performance support platform, and we use the content they’ve developed for non-coronavirus related topics. Topics such as Math for Nurses and Work Supervision.” Using the 5 Moments of Need® with a performance support platform like AskDelphi has given us so many insights and new understanding. Erasmus MC now wants to use this for non-COVID-19 topics and hopes that a workplace solution such as this will be seen as good practice by more and more health organizations across the country.  It allows organizations to work together and save time, by sharing more.

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Recommended for other hospitals

The workplace learning and performance support solution ties in nicely with how Erasmus MC staff learn, where they learn, and what they need to learn. Thanks to the 5 Moments of Need® approach, and through collaboration with the experts and professionals, Erasmus MC can get to the core of what is essential to know and learn. Then this knowledge is accessible fast and in a visually appealing way. Madelon: “This means healthcare professionals get effective support in the workplace. And it becomes clear what learning should be offered through formal education events to enable better performance in the workplace.” Mari Tere: “The strength of the method is that we now offer content to suit all five moments of learning need in a well-organized manner. Our staff have the right content, the right support, for their moment of need. The workplace solution has also fostered a certain solidarity dynamic in our organization; knowledge is shared more and staff feel responsible and more involved in the content curation. We can certainly recommend a solution like Ask Erasmus MC to other hospitals.”

New developments

The workplace learning solutions at Erasmus MC are continually expanding. Rachel Brouwer, Consultant at Xprtise: "At Erasmus, we are now also working on a project on work guidance. We have built a workplace learning solution and are adapting the formal training materials for work supervisors and practice trainers following The 5 Moments of Need® approach. These are employees who mentor both MBO and HBO students during their internship."

In addition to this, Xprtise is also working on a solution around the Didactics topic. Rachel: "For this, we analyzed the tasks of trainers, guest lecturers, science teachers, and student assistants. The aim is to work together and form one trainingsolution for trainers."

Access the workplace learning solution

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