Aviko is one of the largest European producers of fresh, frozen and dried potato products and is one of the top four market leaders in the world in this industry. From sixteen production sites in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Poland and China, they serve more than 16 million consumers in more than 110 countries every day. Aviko in Steenderen (The Netherlands) employs more than 500 people and has a total of approximately 1,700 employees in the Netherlands. New employees start at Aviko directly at the Academy. This is the in-house training centre where employees follow multiple training courses dependent on their position before entering the workplace. In addition to properly facilitating an on-boarding process, the academy also supports employees and managers in developing knowledge and skills during work with training courses ranging from Excel to communication, machine skills, food safety and safety.

Martijn Bosman, Learning  & Development specialist at Aviko:
"For new employees who have to deal with the machines in our factory, we have a training program available at our Academy that is focused on all the different activities that occur on the work floor. We have formulated learning goals that an operator must achieve. They are accompanied by a workplace trainer. Part of that training program are e-learnings, various training courses and so-called EPL's: One Point Lessons. These  EPL's describe a single action in short, concise instructions including visual material. But that can be done more efficiently! We want to support our employees as well as possible in and during their daily work; which also proves to be the biggest challenge of our Academy. So we were looking for a way to make learning possible especially in the workplace. Through one of our partners, HiHaHo, interactive video, we were informed about the 5 Moments of Need® methodology and advised to contact Xprtise. We immediately saw an opportunity in this to be able to train innovatively and really bring learning to the workplace. Also taking into account the roll-out to our new factories in Poperinge (Belgium) among others. And the growth we are experiencing in China."

Martijn says he has been working on workplace training and improving formal learning pathways for a long time, but which resulted in a lot of knowledge loss among (new) employees. As a result, the route was repeated regularly a year later. Starting over and over again cost the organization a lot of resources and that's why he was looking for a renewed approach. What appealed to Xprtise is the experience in the production environment; Xprtise also works for Colgate with this proven 5 Moments of Need® methodology. "It's nice to see and it  gives confidence if a new approach has already proven itself, if it's based on what you're already working on and if it's in line with wishes and expectations."

Aviko’s question

Martijn: "Our question was very specific: Can you develop a workplace learning solution for the operators of one of our packing lines in our Aviko factory in Steenderen, so that we can also support our employees during work?"

Aviko wants to make learning more innovative with the workplace learning solution and to be an example for others. Martijn: "We want to help our operators in our potato factories to carry out their work uniformlyandreliably.We also want to train new employees quickly and efficiently during the 'on-boarding' period with the help of a workplace learning solution;  especiallyin the roll-out of new factories."

Martijn says that even before actually getting started with Xprtise, he, himself was convinced of the 5 Moments of Need® approach. "But after we have delivered and introduced the Proof of Concept (PoC) and then rolled out a pilot project, it is very nice to see that operators themselves embrace this approach and use the workplace learning solution, even more than we expected in advance."

"Using the 5 Moments of Need methodology®, we have developed a workplace learning solution that our operators embrace even more than we as L&D ourselves had expected on beforehand."

Approach to a new workplace learning solution

To investigate how Aviko can bring learning to the workplace, it was decided to carry out a pilot project on production line 17. By the design of the total workplace learning solution for this production line, existing content that is already available within Aviko was taken into account, in order to optimize the investment already made in those resources.

Xprtise's approach then consisted of several steps:

  • Workplace analysis to map the current processes and organize the work into concrete tasks, processes and steps
  • A critical task analysis that takes a look at tasks and roles of employees, determines what is critical and what information and knowledge are needed for this. The higher the criticality of the task, the more attention it receives in the workplace learning solution and learning interventions (formal and informal).
  • The development of a Proof of Concept in which the necessary information and knowledge are accommodated in a first set-up of a working Performance Support solution. In this way, Aviko gets a clear picture of the added value and applicability of the 5 Moments of Need® approach.
  • The further development of the workplace learning solution so that it is fully and carefully developed for the pilot.
  • An on-site pilot in Steenderen for production line 17.
  • Staff evaluation of the pilot and determining the next steps.

Martijn says the following about the collaboration with Xprtise: "What strikes me is that Xprtise really does employ real people. They are passionate, believe in their approach and come up with good examples and concrete advice. In the beginning, the consultants were tight and straightforward, which helped us a lot to get the innovation off the ground. It is difficult to look at learning in a completely different way from your existing thinking frameworks. Xprtise has taught us to respectfully ‘kill our darlings’. Of course, we have  put a lot of effort into our current approach and still need to adjust it. Together with Xprtise, we will take on that challenge with conviction."

Martijn indicates that working together is pleasant. Xprtise's colleagues really believe in this approach, their story is consistent and they live through the methodology.

The results so far

The results of the pilot is a workplace learning solution that is appreciated by the employees (both operators and production leaders) on the packing line. The reactions of Aviko employees to the workplace learning solution are very positive:

"At first I was a bit hesitant about this medium, because we already have e-learnings. But it definitely has added value! Especially for new employees."

"It is especially useful for our new colleagues. Operators from another line found it very pleasant and clear to work this way."

"With this system you also set a standard for your location. Very useful!" (production manager)

"It's really easy to have a look at this if we can't figure something out and if there's nothing to do"

"The results of the pilot is a workplace learning solution that is appreciated by both our operators and our production leaders."

The next step

Aviko offers the employees of the Aviko Academy an in-company 5 Moments of Need® Designer Certificate training. During their training they learn how to design and develop workplace learning solutions themselves. Martijn: "After completing their training, our employees are certified and can independently develop innovative workplace learning solutions based on the 5 Moments of Need® methodology for our production lines in which e-learning, classroom training, interactive video, Performance Support and perhaps other tools or resources come together. Because they are already working on various concrete projects during the 5 Moments of Need® training, we can take quick steps."

In the short term Aviko wants to further expand and further develop the 5 Moments of Need® workplace learning solutions, hence the choice for an in-company 5 Moments of Need® Designer Certification training. The wider roll-out will also remove the latest resistance to innovation, if any. In the middle long term, following the further development of the workplace learning solutions, Aviko will re-establish all formal learning courses. Xprtise will also support them with this.

What about the long-term plans? According to Martijn, this will really be the next step: 5 Moments of Need® methodology based workplace learning solutions offer hands-free! For example, with Realware glasses or other technologies that we may not know at all. "When I think about that future, a tablet even seems old-fashioned again. We hope Xprtise can also be our partner in this. We are curious about their view on Augmented, Mixed & Virtual reality and therefore also on new applications such as Realware glasses in the production environment."


What else does Martijn want to add? "Working with Xprtise on workplace learning solutions around the 5 Moments of Need® methodology also yields unexpected resultates. It gives us a lot of (new) energy to actively work together with the colleagues of the workplace on Learning & Development solutions. This approach also helps our production leaders to engage in and conduct the discussion with shifts about the content of the work. You record how you want to do it. This is an unexpected, and very welcome, side effect."

Also getting started with the 5 Moments of Need® methodology?

Are you an L&D professional and do you, like Martijn Bosman of Aviko, want to innovate in the field of learning and get started with the 5 Moments of Need® methodology? Do you want to make the transition from classroom learning to an approach where learning is linked to the performance of employees, so that they learn at exactly that moment that this is necessary? Then this your chance. On Tuesday, June 1, 2021, the 5 Moments of Need® Academy Europe will start again with a new (virtual) 5 Moments of Need® certification program. More information about the training programme can be found here.

Curious about the possibilities for your organization?

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