Wizard is a new curriculum-aligned adaptive learning tool that emulates the student-teacher experience. It helps middle school students develop, maintain, and retain knowledge for the long term. By combining technology, data, and an intelligent algorithm, it provides a personalized learning experience that drives students to mastery. It is smart, personalized, and a proven way to help students master skills in core subject areas as Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. With over 250 drills spanning 40+ courses, it is the ideal resource for your distance-learning needs.

World Book Wizard allows all students to achieve success and build confidence in their learning. With a comprehensive set of curriculum-based drills, Wizard is smart, personalized, and a proven way to help students master skills in core subject areas. It is backed by learning science making it the perfect complement to classroom instruction and an effective tool for distance learning. Use Wizard to support students that struggle or simply for extra practice and enrichment at home!

Edtech Winner

Supporting distance learning

World Book’s President Geoff Broderick: “The educational landscape has certainly changed. The new normal is forcing us to think about how to connect with each other differently, with learning at the forefront. These enhancements are ideal for supporting distance learning, in addition to classroom-based learning. Our mission is to create a collaborative digital learning platform that is backed by editorial excellence, invaluable resources, and effective tools that support personalized teaching and learning. We aspire to continue reaching students and providing them with the tools they need to succeed.”

Curriculum-based drills

World Book joined forces with Xprtise, a strategic partner of Drillster, to make World Book’s exclusive content available to educators and students by providing a personalized experience, whether in the classroom or distance learning. Wizard provides a comprehensive set of curriculum-based drills from kindergarten to 8th grade students.

The top 5 features of the adaptive learning solution are:

  • One dashboard for both teacher and student
  • Current and future proficiency levels monitored and predicted by artificial Intelligence
  • Questions adapt to match students’ way of learning to better understand topics
  • Instant feedback to help users learn from their mistakes
  • Fun badges engage students and prove subject and topic proficiency

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Source picture: World Book.