5 Moments of Need™ methodology

As a mental health institution, Arkin treats people with psychiatric disorders and complex psychological and addiction problems. It’s a fierce subject for both clients and employees. In order to create and guarantee a safe (work) environment for everyone, Arkin has developed the DIM (de-escalating intervention method) training for its employees. DIM focuses on de-escalating unwanted situations and on handling and learning to deal with verbal and physical aggression. A topic that is ‘top of mind’ all year round, but how do you ensure that the right knowledge is also available all year round? To this end, Arkin started a collaboration with Xprtise to find the right training strategy. This was found in the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology.

Analysis to identify the desired workplace learning solution

To investigate whether and how the 5 Moments of Need™ learning strategy can be applied to the DIM training courses we started an analysis process. This process consisted of three workshop-days – in collaboration with the Arkin training team – to create the complete desired workplace learning solution. The three-day workshop program included:

  • An introduction to DIM (by a training advisor from Arkin);
  • The Rapid Workflow Analysis (RWA);
  • The Critical Skills Analysis (CSA);
  • The Learning Asset Analysis (LAA);
  • Creating a blueprint for the Workplace Learning Solution (LEaP).

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