Rianne and her L&D colleague Dominique Verdaasdonk-Stegeman joined the Performance Journey to Orlando, Florida for the Learning '19 Conference in November 2019. That’s where the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Dominique: “At the conference we were inspired by what we heard from other hospitals. Our main takeaway was: ‘How can we get formal learning more into the workplace and embed it better into everyday work – so that it delivers more returns and is more engaging and more effective?”

Orlando’s insights resulted in direct contact with Xprtise; and start on an in-company 5 Moments of Need® Designer program to learn about the 5 Moments of Need®. Ten professionals from different departments, both Academy and Healthcare, of Princess Máxima Center joined the program and started to work in multidisciplinary groups to develop three bespoke Workplace Learning solutions.

More learning choices

Increasing use of Workplace Learning helps healthcare professionals become even more effective. Not only does learning become more appealing, there’s a better balance between the formal and the informal. Princess Máxima Center can respond quickly to changes in the workplace and in new treatments. Rianne: “This 5 Moments of Need® approach helps us make the right choices for the right learning mix. We try to offer as much as possible in the workplace, although we may not be able to do that with all training activities. We look for the best mix of learning interventions, where our starting point is always to get as close to real practice as possible. Think of a combination of e-learning, classroom, simulation, skills education and practical workplace activities.”

With the solutions that are in development, staff will be able to quickly gain access to the right level of information to do their job safely and properly. Dominique: “This is how we can support our colleagues to the letter. For new staff we create a solution that allows them to learn quickly and effectively and apply it directly in their work. While for experienced staff we’re creating a solution that helps them when something changes in the way they work. This is our win: we can now choose what is needed.”

Three pilot-projects

To introduce Workplace Learning at the Princess Máxima Center, the 5 Moments of Need® design team are focusing on three projects for these business units.

  1. Brachytherapy (a form of radiotherapy)
  2. Chemotherapy
  3. Hazardous substances in the LAB and Research department

The AskDelphi Performance Support platform and Drillster Adaptive Learning software are being used in the pilot projects, as they integrate with the Center’s LMS, NetDimensions. Rianne: “We’re not only designing a more useful learning solution, we’re also developing a renewed appreciation for each other’s expertise. We collaborate with each other and together provide even more depth. We challenge each other and it’s fun.” This way of learning suits the young demographic in the hospital. It is stimulating and efficient. Dominique: “The current (Netflix) generation learns just-in-time and just-in-their-flow. They tend to prefer to learn by watching than reading. We cater to this in our new learning solutions. The often text-heavy reading information is now being replaced with interactive learning videos.”

Backing and enthusiasm

Rianne and Dominique are enthusiastic about the 5 Moments of Need® Designer program and the three pilot projects currently underway. Rianne: “The main reason for revising our approach was to deliver stimulating and effective learning. Also, to strengthen the teamwork between Care, Academy and Quality teams. That’s why our team leader from Healthcare Education, a Pediatric Oncologist, is also involved. It becomes a shared project that makes sure that we speak the same language. Something that can really improve the quality of care.” They are also enthusiastic about their collaboration with Xprtise. Rianne: “It’s great to work with Xprtise. This combination of training, applying, and review/getting feedback, also works well. It allowed us to get up and running quickly in November, we looked at schedules and made sure to fit things in.” The three new Workflow Learning solutions are expected to be ready in June.

About the Academy, Princess Máxima Center

The Academy offers state of the art teaching and training programs for healthcare professionals at the Princess Máxima Center. Academy promotes national and international collaboration and facilitates knowledge-sharing, contributing to Princess Máxima Center mission, a cure and optimal quality of life for every child with cancer.

Source picture: Princess Máxima Center.

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