The number of COVID-19 patients had risen enormously in the summer, and with it, the pressure on all units at the Albert Schweizer Hospital. Mariëlle Troudes, Educational Advisor at ASz: "We saw an increase in the number of patients and a decrease in the numbers of nurses, as our nurses too would get infected and be off sick. So in mid-September, we put all hands on deck to build a dedicated COVID-19 workflow learning solution. And in two weeks, the solution was live and deployed using AskDelphi, the learning experience and performance support platform. This solution allows nurses in COVID-19 units to upskill as they are working. They directly access learning in their flow using task-based steps, learning content, and support resources."

Learning in the workflow

The workflow learning platform offers nurses relevant content at their moment of need. Nurses are supported as they care for COVID-19 patients, getting the necessary information to perform each task well and completely. Isabel Juliana, Head of Learning & Development in the ASz Academy: "Workflow learning is an essential concept, not only for our hospital, but also generally for healthcare organizations. Nurses hardly have time to go to classroom training, and they learn faster in the context of their work practice, and from colleagues and experts in the ward. We have been working towards this approach for a while now and were able to leverage an environment already built up according to the 5 Moments of Need®, and so were able to act very quickly in September.”

AskErasmus MC leverage

During the first outbreak of the coronavirus in March, the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands had set up an AskDelphi performance support platform for Erasmus MC staff and beyond, to get skilled up in COVID-19 practices. This AskErasmus MC workflow learning solution is intended for all healthcare professionals in the Netherlands who need to step up to meet the urgent healthcare challenge we face. Mariëlle: "The content that was available in the Erasmus solution helped us enormously with our own portal. The structure had already been laid out, so we could immediately dive into the content. What content is relevant to us and what content do we still need to develop? Together with our internal content experts, we reviewed, assessed and adapted the content quickly to ASz standards and protocols and went live with the solution at the start of October."

Further content and roles development

The early reactions to the workflow solution were swiftly received and very positive. Isabel: "Our staff are highly satisfied. They like to update and refresh their knowledge on the go and find the system very user-friendly. We have now conducted a user evaluation and received more good feedback on how to structure and improve some of the content.” These content updates and developments were on the timeline for ASz. Mariëlle: "Given the speed at which our workflow learning solution was built and launched, we also saw this as a pilot to further refine and adjust afterward. We focused on nurses in non-acute wards with the first launch, as the need was the biggest there. Now we're working on developing this for other roles in our hospital. Think of nurse anesthetists, recovery nurses, and medical assistants."

Collaboration with Xprtise

The ASz Academy focuses on education and training for healthcare workers delivering increasingly complex care, both in Albert Schweitzer Hospital and across the region. It aims to encourage a culture where people feel safe and motivated to learn. The workflow learning solutions that are being developed together with Xprtise are a key part of this. Mariëlle: "We have known Xprtise for several years. Our collaboration is rewarding, and we have built up a good relationship when it comes to exchanging knowledge of workflow learning and the 5 Moments of Need® approach. Xprtise brings a lot of knowledge, tools, and practices to get started with this in a rapid and efficient way."

Isabel: "It is always nice to brainstorm together and to discuss learning topics. I always see a tremendous amount of commitment, speed, and a real interest in helping. Through Xprtise, I'm trained and certified in the 5 Moments of Need® methodology, which helps me daily in creating the best solutions for our colleagues."

Source picture: Albert Schweizer Hospital.

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