Erwin: 'I got into the workflow learning discipline by realizing that yes, the moment of New (one of the 5 Moments of Need®) is important for us to have evidence of training for our health authority inspectors, but what really matters are the moments of Apply, Change, and Solve—for troubleshooting when you get stuck. Those are the moments that really matter.'

Development of a Digital Coach

A successful Digital Coach has been developed for all activities in Clinical R&D. Erwin: 'It’s very clear that we were meeting a need. A Business Process Modeling (BPM) tool was used, but these tools did not provide sufficient support for the end user. So, we brought all the processes into this Digital Coach. Now, we’re working on bringing all the knowledge information and job tasks/steps over, which is what people really need. The procedure typically only tells them who needs to do what, where they need to do it, what they need to do, and why. What they're really seeking is the "how". We solved that with the Digital Coach.

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