The four most important phases of analysis for each project are:

1. Rapid Workflow Analysis (RWA)

The 5 Moments of Need® principle is based on the performance of employees' tasks as a starting point for completing the training strategy. Using the Rapid Workflow Analysis template, the tasks and roles responsible for the implementation are mapped out in a structured manner. In addition to tasks and roles, the associated concepts are also identified. These concepts provide information that the employee needs to perform the tasks correctly.

2. Critical Skills Analysis (CSA)

Studies show that the efficiency of traditional forms of learning is low. In many cases, knowledge has already sunk before it is applied in practice. This phenomenon is known as the "forgetting curve". In addition, employees are often overloaded with information during traditional learning methods, so that the limits of the "absorption capacity" are quickly reached. Using the Critical Skill Analysis, the impact of failure is assessed on the basis of a scale for the tasks and concepts defined in the Rapid Workflow Analysis (RWA). The higher the impact, the more attention it receives in the phases of the 5 Moments of Need®.

3. Learning Asset Analysis (LAA)

The 5 Moments of Need® principle describes the total of learning interventions, to support the moment of application within the work process. Within the Instructional Design Model, the available content and learning systems are taken into account. With the help of the Learning Asset Analysis and the accompanying template, existing learning resources are listed, and their applicability made transparent for each phase within the 5 Moments of Need®.

4. Build the Learning Experience and Performance (LEaP) plan

A LEaP forms the final instructional design plan for a complete learning and performance support solution. It is a matrix used to determine the best mix of learning activities and Performance Support options for each task and supporting knowledge. Based on the LEaP, the learning solution can be developed in accordance with the instructional design.

Consistently big changes and higher performance

Xprtise believes in the power of the 5 Moments of Need® approach and has already been able to guide many successful implementations based on this methodology. Continuous major changes and higher performance within both large and smaller national and international organizations. View our inspiring cases to learn more about the methodology and the results. We also work together with the 5 Moments of Need® Academy Europe that offers unique 5 Moments of Need® Designer Certificate courses for L&D professionals in the Netherlands. The certified training courses provide innovative solutions and tools for practical implementation of 70:20:10 to make informal learning in the workplace possible.

Get started with the 5 Moments of Need® methodology

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