The 5 Moments of Need® methodology is a practical model for achieving a higher performance. The five moments of learning need are: (1) When you learn something for the first time, (2) when you want to learn more, (3) when you try to apply and / or remember, (4) when something goes wrong and (5) when things change. In this approach learning is linked to the performance of the employees which makes the return on learning immediately measurable.

The 5 Moments of Need® podcast

In this podcast a great example of a successful implementation in the Netherlands is given by Jeff Kortenbosch. One of the biggest L&D projects he did was at his previous employer. At that time he had to develop a new training program which meant that employees together were at least 70.000 hours in training and ‘away from the workplace’. Together with Xprtise he started to implement the 5 Moments of Need® methodology which resulted in just 1.000 hours of training and the rest ‘while doing the job’.

Jeff was aware that they needed to revise the way they gave training. By making information available at the moment of need and ‘on the job’ he succeeded in reducing training hours and money and therefore found a great solution in the 5 Moments of Need®.

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