As a leading, global, consumer products manufacturer of oral care, home care, personal care and pet nutrition products, Colgate-Palmolive is in more homes than any other brand. How does a company like Colgate support and enable the teams on the shop floor to maintain quality and consistency of Colgate products?

A new way of looking at equipment learning needs

After an initial proof of concept, Colgate-Palmolive went on to implement a full pilot of the methodology and workflow learning at one North American plant. The method was an eye-opener and defined a new way of looking at equipment learning needs, categorizing them by business impact severity. Now they can focus differently on how they train operators; they can access performance support on the line and in a couple of clicks get information on just the bits they don’t know.

“Our strategy focuses on upfront skills and equipment learning assessment methods; and on-the-job-performance support systems; that deliver knowledge to operators, and capture it, in the flow of work.”

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