Alfred Remmits, CEO of Xprtise: "I am very proud that our offices will soon be located in one of the most characteristic buildings of 's Hertogenbosch. The unique and well-known Grasso will be a special place where we will work with like-minded people and organizations and meet our customers." Grasso will be the place where education, government, and entrepreneurs from the region are connected in the field of ICT and digitalization - a creative breeding ground for innovative companies. The building is designed to promote creativity, inspiration, and knowledge sharing.

Grasso Logo

More space needed

Alfred: "Xprtise grew by more than 20 percent during the corona period in 2020. Indeed, we expect growth of 50 percent this year. In addition to having an office in the US and recently opening one in London, we literally need more space in the Netherlands. I wanted to go back to a building with history; I found it in Grasso. So, we can stay in one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands." The former machine factory is easily accessible by both public transport and car. The Central Station is just around the corner, and there is parking on site.

Meeting place

Grasso is an initiative in which entrepreneurs have the opportunity to work, build and do business together in their dream office. Alfred: "Last year, in the pandemic, we all worked from home completely. We will continue to do this for a limited part; the new offices will become more of a meeting place. There will be open workplaces, beautiful spaces to receive our customers, and rooms to hold our workshops. So, we'll no longer have to travel to and organize external locations. Moreover, a lot is organized in the building for its residents; events, sports lessons, and activities to promote health. I am very much looking forward to our relocation in the Spring of 2022!"

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