Imara has been working for the same banking organization for almost 20 years. After an internal shake-up, she ended up in Learning & Development. "Learning and developing is a jacket that fits me well. I studied education sciences, and as part of an Agile team, I am now responsible for implementing, innovating, developing, and evaluating L&D solutions for my colleagues." Imara's passion is to develop learning interventions that meet the needs of the learner. "I like to transfer this passion to other people so that they can take responsibility for learning and their (personal) development themselves."

In 2015, Imara and Erna joined the same team. Together they develop Employee Learning Journeys and are responsible for various L&D operations. Erna: "I have a passion for development- both mine and that of my colleagues. When I met Bob Mosher years ago (founder of The 5 Moments of Need®), I was immediately convinced of the approach, particularly how the task analysis is carried out. We regularly see that employees think they are performing a task well, while their manager thinks they should do it differently. And so, things can go wrong. The way the critical task analysis of The 5 Moments of Need® cuts to the heart of the matter made joining a Designer Certificate program high on my wish-list!" 

"The way the critical task analysis of The 5 Moments of Need® cuts to the heart of the matter made joining a Designer Certificate program high on my wish-list!"

Imara and Erna started the Certificate program in June. Erna: "The pandemic has caused us to digitize much more within our company. Performance Support is ideal for complex processes. [Laughing]: And we have a lot of them. Together we would like to delve into new ways to meet the training needs of our colleagues. That's why it was time for both of us to start the training now!"

Critical tasks

The 5 Moments of Need® approach is based on the five moments of need that people are faced with in their daily learning life cycle. With this approach, learning, development, and training are linked to the performance of employees, making the return on learning directly measurable. Erna: "For us, the most important learning moment in the program is the critical task analysis. Here, the most important skills are identified based on the consequences of failure. These are then scaled on how critical they are. Then we come up with good workplace learning solutions for it." Imara: "It's a very structured process. The tasks and steps are well described, and you get a clear grip on the things that you have to go through from A to Z." The Certificate program provides many practical insights. And participants work on a practical assignment that is directly applicable to their organization. 

Extensive work instructions no longer necessary

Soon, Imara and Erna will complete the program. Both find the different mode of thinking unique in this program. Imara: "You learn to look closely at all critical tasks. That tasks you may perform once or twice a year can also be critical - that's not something you might think of right away." Erna: "Extensive work instructions are no longer necessary because what you have learned during formal learning, you can now immediately carry out in your work. Nice to have the extra support when there are tasks that you rarely do. You always have something to go back on."

Would you like to design 5 Moments of Need Workflow Learning solutions? We start on November 23rd, 2021!

During the program, over six months, you learn all the ins and outs of the 5 Moments of Need® methodology developed by Dr. Conrad Gottfredson and Bob Mosher. In a class size of up to 16 L&D professionals, you work towards The 5 Moments of Need® Designer Certificate and create solutions that include formal learning (the 10 in 70:20:10), social learning through connections with colleagues (the 20), and learning on the job (the 70). Of course, during the program, you are fully supported with our performance support solution as you work on your project.

Download the November 23rd, 2021 Designer Certificate Program flyer.

A tip from Imara and Erna for participating in the program

"Make sure that the business is engaged and that it frees up space and time for the practical assignment that you are going to carry out. In addition, we think it is a great advantage that there are two of us on the course together. We can spar with each other, and we did the critical task analysis together, for example. That is very valuable. So, search for a partner to work with! Together, you know more than one; you can consult, help each other, and inspire one another. In short: go on the program! This approach for developing workflow learning solutions is a valuable skill for learning consultants to have."

"This approach for developing workflow learning solutions is a very valuable skill for learning consultants to have."