The 5 Moments of Need® is a framework for gaining and sustaining effective on-the-job performance of employees and work teams. It has a set of systematic and rapid practices for designing, building, implementing, optimizing, and evaluating complete learning ecosystems. An Xprtise solution enables learning in the workflow while people perform their jobs. It also reduces and optimizes traditional formal learning time. The 5 Moments of Need® approach cultivates self-reliant, highly engaged learners with 2-click, 10-second access to just what’s needed, when it’s needed, to solve problems in the flow of work and adapt ahead of change.

Join Bob Mosher, Apply Synergies, and Greg Groce, Xprtise, at the Learning & Development Virtual Summit, Thursday, April 15.

Time:              12:35 PM EST
Date:              Thursday, April 15
Where:           Learning & Development Virtual Summit

Opal Group’s 5th Edition Learning & Development Virtual Summit! Hear from Learning & Development thought leaders and practitioners from Google, Kraft Heinz, Uber Freight, Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, Merck, Kellogg Company, Geisinger, Ahold Delhaize, and more on Thursday, April 15th. 

Registration is complimentary for human resources, learning and development, and talent management practitioners from consumer brand organizations.