The 5 Moments of Need® methodology is developed by Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson and is based on 5 moments when professionals need information to perform at an optimum level. Subsequently, there are 5 ways in which these moments are learned. The "5 moments of need" are divided into two main phases:

1. Acquiring knowledge

The first and second moments of need are an extension of the more traditional forms of learning and training:

  1. When you learn something for the first time (new)
  2. When you want to gain more specific knowledge (more)

2. Applying knowledge

The other three moments of The 5 Moments of Need® model are an extension of the daily execution of the work:

  1. When you try to apply and/or remember (apply)
  2. When something goes wrong (solve)
  3. When things change (change)
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Good balance

Within this 5 Moments of Need® approach, learning is linked to the performance of employees, making the return on learning directly measurable. The aim is to strike a good balance between formal learning (classroom training & e-learning) and informal learning (coaching and performance support). We assume that - in addition to having a certain amount of knowledge that is already available - it is highly important that the employee is supported in finding the necessary knowledge when he or she needs that knowledge for a specific task.

Four basic principles

The learning solutions based on The 5 Moments of Need® must adhere to four basic principles.

  • It must be integrated in the work process;
  • It must be contextual and relevant to the employee's tasks and roles;
  • It must be precise enough; trying to provide just the right amount of knowledge and information to solve the specific problem at the time;
  • It must be accurate and reliable; the employee must have complete confidence that he or she will have access to the correct and most accurate information to solve the problem at hand.

Xprtise believes in the power of The 5 Moments of Need® approach and has already been able to guide many successful implementations based on this methodology. Continuous major changes and higher performance within both larger and smaller national and international organizations. View our inspiring cases to learn more about the methodology and the results. We also work together with The 5 Moments of Need® Academy Europe that offers unique 5 Moments of Need® Designer Certificate courses for L&D professionals in the Netherlands. The certified training courses provide innovative solutions and tools for the practical implementation of 70:20:10 to make informal learning in the workplace possible.

Get started with The 5 Moments of Need® methodology

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