Iris Oomen Vierkant

Iris is a first-year master's student at the University of Twente. As her education at the University of Twente is mainly theoretical, she wanted to gain more practical experience. Iris completed an internship at Xprtise from September 2020 to March 2021, working Thursdays and Fridays. During her time at Xprtise, she focused primarily on building a Performance Support solution for Drillster, an adaptive learning and testing program that helps employees develop, secure, and maintain knowledge.

Iris: “It was great fun; I learned a lot on this internship assignment. I worked with the Learning Experience & Performance Support platform, AskDelphi, as well as Drillster. Both are important collaboration partners of Xprtise who have developed software that brings learning to the workflow.”

  • AskDelphi is a Performance Support software platform that allows users to perform effectively and independently when they need it most. The platform offers the right support at the right time, enabling people to become experts in what they do.
  • Drillster is a provider of innovative technology for learning material faster and remembering it better. Scientific research has shown that Drillster users achieve 10% higher study results in 40% less study time. Drillster keeps knowledge up-to-date and repeats the learning content just as one's about to forget.

“In AskDelphi, I built a complete performance support solution on how to work with Drillster so Xprtise customers can use that as a step-by-step guide. I am delighted with the end result - even though it will never be completely finished; As soon as Drillster has an update, this must also be processed into the performance support solution. If info is missing or certain tasks can be better organized, it will need updates. We have presented my solution to Drillster itself, who have also received it enthusiastically. We are now looking at how we can offer this to Xprtise customers. News on this to come soon!”

Performance support example

Drillster keeps knowledge up-to-date and repeats the learning content just as one's about to forget. Employees who learn with Drillster learn more in less time and remember longer. Iris: “I think Drillster is a valuable tool to use in learning. The principles on which it is built (forgetting curve, adaptive learning) also tie in well with the solutions Xprtise create in AskDelphi.”

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“I enjoyed my internship at Xprtise. I learned a lot, and the great thing is: I will be working at Xprtise two days a week for the next six months! Where I am sure that I will learn even more. I will be involved in, among other things, supporting marketing, assignments with customers and will help the 5 Moments of Need Academy Europe with events and training. Something I'm really looking forward to!”

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