On Thursday 12 March, the Governing Council decreed that in-person meetings and face-to-face education programs should cease for the time being at Erasmus MC. Madelon Panman, Manager of Erasmus MC Academy states: “The day after that, we held an urgent consultation on how to scale up patient care in the context of the corona crisis, and in so doing, the re-training of our staff. Together with my colleagues from the Academy, we started to draw up a training plan. As I knew about the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology and the Performance Support platform AskDelphi, we saw opportunities how it could be used to train on COVID-19 and immediately contacted Xprtise.”

Make content available

Erasmus MC Academy already had a 5 Moments of Need™ learning program in which about 20 trainers participate. Carla ‘s-Gravemade, Innovative Learning Solutions Consultant at Erasmus MC: “We started a new project and worked with the consultants at Xprtise incredibly hard to quickly launch the Ask Erasmus MC workplace learning solution for COVID-19.” All available content has been re-organized and cut into ‘just-in-time’ information. Carla: “It immediately became clear to us that we already have a lot of content available. As the Academy, we have the knowledge to organize this for our colleagues, so that they can have compact instructional materials at their disposal whilst they work.”

Deploying Performance Support with AskDelphi, healthcare professionals get support on performing their work in 2 clicks or 10 seconds. A must-have in this corona time. Not only to avoid major mistakes but to reduce workload and ensure employees feel confident with new tasks to be performed, and keep continuity of work.

Audience expansion

The audience for Ask Erasmus MC is being expanded. Nine roles have been targeted so far. We started with Anesthetists, and followed with nurses from non-acute departments, returning ICU staff, nurses for ICU Children and ICU Adults, re-hired nurses, ICU doctors, ER doctors, and Covid19 doctors. Carla: “We hope that this will be seen as good practice by our colleagues around the country and that we can work with them in future on workplace learning solutions. How wonderful if we as Academies could make learning paths together in this way!” Erasmus MC expects feedback and refinement of the solution going forward.

Positive reactions!

Erasmus MC has received thanks and compliments about Ask Erasmus MC from its own staff but also from healthcare professionals across other hospitals. Madelon: “In particular because we managed this in such a short space of time and that we made our study materials available (free of charge). From the outset, we thought our investment should benefit everyone, not just our own organization. We are all facing the same tough challenge. Making knowledge, insights, webinars and micro-lectures available helps all healthcare professionals in the Netherlands and our patients. It also ensures that others want to share materials with us. That’s fantastic! We therefore hope that this will be the beginning of more joint-sharing and exchange of important information and expertise.”

Why workplace learning?

Access to the workplace learning solution

Are you curious about the Ask Erasmus MC workplace learning solution? Then create a free  account here https://registreren-covid19.askdelphi.com. Do you have questions? Send an email to covid19@xprtise.com.