Axalta is a leading supplier of automotive coatings for car manufacturers around the world. It has a global network of distributors and end-customer car body shops, and a prospective training audience in North America alone that reaches 100,000. People who sell, distribute and use Axalta coatings and refinish products need to be kept up to date with product advancements and specialized application techniques.

Drillster: point-of-need Adaptive Learning

Axalta uses a mix of learning delivery methods to reach its huge audience, from ILT courses, to e-learning, to virtual training and even a 24-hour Customer Care line. However, they knew they were missing an on-the-go, point-of-use, type of training that would help keep this large, dispersed audience immediately up to date.

Axalta employed Drillster Adaptive Learning which uses a question-based learning approach and ‘drills’ on discrete learning objects of information.

“It’s so easy and swift to create content and publish it. We want to be quick with our info. If there’s an issue or we want to deliver something very quickly, it’s so much easier than creating an e-learning module, a PPT, or a lesson plan for example…”

Point-of-need knowledge access, up. Costs down.

The business saw some significant results with Drillster Adaptive Learning.  They were able to bring more learning, to more people, at less training cost per individual.  “We increased the access to knowledge for our people, and decreased the cost attached to that access.”

Read the full case study of how Axalta Coating Systems did this, here.