The eBook will inform and inspire you to embrace all that The 5 Moments of Need® (5MoN) and workflow learning can afford your organization -and you as a learning professional. It takes you through why and how workflow learning will benefit your organization (and your learning function), clearly defines what it is (and isn’t), provides examples of what workflow learning looks like in each of The 5 Moments of Need®, explains the measurable impact of the 5MoN framework, and lays out what’s required for successful implementation.

Contribution of Xprtise

This digital publication which hosts more than just text; digital assets are embedded to enhance and reinforce the content, is a culmination of years of work, dialogues, and experiences with clients of Apply Synergies, colleagues, partners and friends. Also Alfred Remmits, CEO of Xprtise is asked to contribute. Alfred: “In 2004, Bob invited me to be a member of the Microsoft Learning Partner Advisory Board and we recognized that our visions were completely aligned. I introduced Bob to performance support technology needed to build powerful workflow learning and performance solutions, and Bob introduced me to The 5 Moments of Need® framework required to design these solutions. At that time, Bob also introduced me to Con, and we decided to join forces, become business partners (and more importantly friends!) with the same passion to innovate Learning & Development in a big way!

Making the shift

Knowing that change is never easy, it’s the belief of Apply Synergies (and also Xprtise) that workflow learning is THE change that every organization needs to make to succeed in today’s ever-changing world. Bob: Let's keep the dialogue going... The time is right to make the shift from a training to a performance mindset!

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