On Thursday 16 June, Janine van Zoest, Business Consultant at Xprtise, will give a workshop about the AskAlrijne project of Alrijne Healthcare group from 2.30 pm to 3.15 pm. A project that has already won several prizes and has also been nominated at the MERIT awards.


Working effectively at any time

Xprtise has been asked by the management of Alrijne Healthcare group to develop an innovative learning solution with which nurses can test their compulsory mastery of medical calculation skills. The result is a workplace learning solution based on the 5 Moments of Need methodology: AskAlrijne. The AskAlrijne platform integrates two innovative learning solutions: Performance Support (with AskDelphi) and Adaptive Learning (with Drillster). The Performance Support element enables nurses to perform their duties effectively – at any time – by providing the right amount of information. Adaptive Learning then helps nurses to continuously keep their math skills up-to-date. Read more about his innovative solution here.

AskAlrijne was introduced in 2018 on the subject of medical Arithmetic for nurses at the Alrijne Hospital. After the introduction of this topic, AskAlrijne was used in 2019 for other workplace learning solutions such as Infusion technology, Freedom-limiting interventions, and Student guidance.

This workplace learning solution is assessed by MERIT on the basis of four criteria: 

  1. Ideation – needs analysis, approach, design;
  2. Implementation – stakeholder buy-in, engagement; 
  3. Impact – on the organisation, its people and the outside world;
  4. Innovation – introduction of new ideas, methodology, or technology.

Want to know more about this innovative workplace solution? Read more about AskAlrijne.