At Xprtise, we deliver solutions that support people as they work. People can perform their everyday work tasks properly and thoroughly, using task-based descriptions, steps, and supporting information. Learning content is distributed within the workflow. With Drillster, people practice drills and receive remedial feedback as they are in their workflow. Scientific research has shown the drill practice and feedback approach delivers 10% better results in 40% less time.

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The power of repetition

Drillster keeps knowledge up-to-date and repeats teaching material so it's not forgotten. Drillster's technology and algorithm are based on the following principles:

  • Forgetting Curve - Hermann Ebbinghaus

When you learn something but don't repeat it or use it, your knowledge declines. In 24 hours, you can forget as much as 70% of what you thought you knew. Drillster assesses when knowledge starts to fade and, at that point, sends out notifications to refresh your learning.

  • Repetition - Paul Pimsleur

Paul Pimsleur established that it is best to repeat teaching material if the chance of recall is to be at least 60%. Learning objectives can be set in Drillster with a minimum level of mastery. If one falls below the level, they are encouraged to work on mastery of the subject.

  • Staggered Repetition - Sebastian Leitner

Leitner developed a practical application of the theory of repetition. After answering a question about a specific topic, straightaway, the forgetting curve kicks in. The effort someone makes to retrieve information from their memory makes the learning effect stronger and longer-lasting. Drillster uses Leitner's theory in its algorithms.

Marco van Sterkenburg, founder of Drillster: “Learning should not be frustrating, it should above all, be easy, smart and effective. It should help you get the best out of yourself. Not just now, but tomorrow and in the future. With Drillster, we provide a new way of learning, demand-driven, adaptive and future-proof.”


Adaptive math tests for nurses

A great example of a Drillster solution was implemented at Alrijne Healthcare Group in the Netherlands. The AskAlrijne innovative workflow learning solution was designed to help nurses perform their tasks effectively, at any time, by providing just the right amount of information. Within AskAlrijne, Drillster is used to send out adaptive learning math tests. Nurses use these to learn and demonstrate that their math skills are up to standard. This means:

1. A lighter assessment regime relieving nurses from the burden of certification exams
2. An ongoing assessment system that allows regular and clear statements to be made about organizational competency levels
3. An adaptive learning approach personalized to the nurse, assessing individual competence and helping to maintain it

Want to know more?

People who learn with Drillster learn more, in less time, and remember longer. Do you want to reduce the risks of your organization not knowing? Do you want to cut the costs of lengthy training programs? Are you interested in the possibilities with Drillster? Please contact us by sending an e-mail to Janine van Zoest; or call 06-22 56 81 88.