After over 10+ years of blogs, webinars, conferences, podcasts, videos and other digital publications, Bob Mosher and Dr. Conrad Gottfredson released their ebook. A free publication that they hope helps lift the dialogue around this powerful approach to intentionally move L&D's work to where it matter most: in the workflow!

Bob Mosher: In the spirit of keeping the conversation going, we are hostinga‘Meet The Authors’ free webinar on September 29th. We hope you will consider joining us. We are looking forward to the dialogue!

Details and registration

This Performance First Webinar in the 2021 series will take place on September 29, 2021 at 12 pm ET (18.00u Amsterdam time). The topic will be focused around the ebook, The 5 Moments of Need A Performance-First Approach.

Download your copy of the ebookThe 5 Moments of Need A Performance-First Approach’ here.
Use this form to register for the free webinar on the 29th of September!

Meet The Authors

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