With the Designer Certificate in your pocket, learning and especially performing with the 5 Moments of Need® is not finished. When Ingrid completed the course in December 2019, she immediately decided to join the Alumni Program. Ingrid: "Quite soon after completing the course, I moved from the police to healthcare. I'm just getting started using Performance Support and learning in the workflow according to The 5 Moments of Need®. I find the Alumni Program very valuable because there several participants are from healthcare and with an academic perspective. So, I can learn a lot from the others and don't have to reinvent the wheel."

Ingrid Blom

Wide network and short lines

As an alumnus of The 5 Moments of Need® Academy, one connects to a wide network of other graduates. In a private Teams group, people actively share experiences, offer examples, and ask questions. And the lines to the teachers and the founders of the methodology are also short. Ingrid: "I want to stay up to date with the latest developments, so find the extended network very important. We share experiences from daily practice and inspire each other. Coincidentally, I recently contacted a consultant to view the 5 Moments of Need® EnABLE Performance Support solution. During the presentation, I will show them this platform so that they immediately get a concrete picture of what this way of working can yield."

The EnABLE Performance Support solution for 5 Moments of Need® in AskDelphi is supplemented and updated several times a year. As a result, those who use this workflow solution find they can apply the 5 Moments of Need® approach better and with more speed.

What does the program offer?

The Alumni Program offers the following:

  1. Access to the 5 Moments of Need® EnABLE Performance Support platform
  2. 1-1 intake meeting, and ad hoc additional meetings
  3. Network group of 5 Moments of Need® Alumni on Microsoft Teams
  4. Participation in the certificate award event for new 5 Moments of Need® Designers
  5. The bi-annual Alumni Coach Cafe; to discuss projects, opportunities, challenges, and barriers around workplace learning
  6. Interactive virtual mini-training sessions to develop specific practical skills

Ingrid: "Last year, we had several online meetings. Among other things, a webinar by Bob Mosher about Measurement: Is a chosen solution that successful? What impact does it have? Where are the challenges and opportunities for the future? That was very interesting! We also attended the final meeting of a group that was going to present their practical assignment. This allows you to see different applications in different industries up close. That's very refreshing."

Becoming an Alumnus

Participating in the Alumni Program costs €199 for a year. This allows you to immediately use the EnABLE Performance Support in AskDelphi, join the Microsoft Teams group and attend the certificate award event for new 5 Moments of Need® Designers. In addition, we also schedule a 1-1 intake meeting with one of the Dutch 5 Moments of Need® consultants and invite you to the Alumni Coach Cafes and interactive virtual mini-trainings.

You can register here for The 5 Moments of Need Academy Netherlands. Or, if you have any questions and want to discuss more, just contact Alfred Remmits at info@5momentsofneed.eu.

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