Power Up Job Performance with Workflow Learning Technology & Methodology

A Hybrid Event with Virtual Prep Sessions + 2 Full Days of Onsite Working Sessions in Charlotte, North Carolina - United States.


The 5 Moments of Need® Summit is an intimate, high-energy, and collaborative working event that helps you harness the power of workflow learning technology to enhance job performance using the 5 Moments of Need® framework.

Throughout, the event is focusing on various challenges and implementing effective solutions, including:

  • AI Integration: Exploring how AI complements the 5 Moments of Need® framework and workflow learning.
  • Technology Ecosystem Enhancement: Streamlining and organizing the technology ecosystem for improved efficiency.
  • Measurement Strategies: Developing methods to accurately measure ROI through the 5 Moments of Need® solution and supporting technology.
  • Change Leadership: Shifting the learning culture from training to a performance mindset for effective management.
  • Team Reskilling: Identifying new competencies for instructional designers and aligning the 5 Moments of Need® framework with these evolving roles.

Interested in participating?

We fly (from the Netherlands) to the event with a number of Xprtise colleagues. Are you interested in traveling and attending the 5 Moments of Need® Summit 2024? Please contact info@xprtise.com for more information.

Our partner AskDelphi is technology sponsor of the Summit.

More information about the Summit you will find on the website of The 5 Moments of Need® Summit 2024.