The format of this L&D festival is markedly different to traditional conference seminars of 40 to 60 minutes. It instead opts for short powerful encounters between providers and audiences. It’s a ‘festival’ because visitors can choose which specific ‘artists’ they want to meet. Janine van Zoest: “An interesting format, because a visitor can get all the information in short, concise sessions and can talk with many different providers over the course of the day. As one of the 80 artists from Belgium and the Netherlands who made up this festival, Xprtise were given the opportunity to share our story in six 20-minute sessions. Then we could immediately talk to the visitors. Meet in an informal atmosphere! Or even dance in the silent disco.”

Innovative strategy on learning

Alfred Remmits and Janine van Zoest each held three sessions. Janine: “Alfred’s sessions looked at the importance of an innovative learning strategy focused on delivering on-the-job performance. The 5 Moments of Need™ methodology, so the five moments of learning need that employees face, was central to this. Then visitors could follow on with my sessions to dive deeper into the methodology and the five moments of learning: when you learn something for the first time, when you want to learn more, when you try to apply, when something goes wrong and when something changes. I shared a live example of a successful workplace learning solution and our tips of how to implement this approach in one’s own organization.”

  1. Adopt an approach
  2. Build a business case
  3. Create and orchestrate
  4. Share
  5. Evaluate and adjust

“During the six Xprtise sessions we met with several companies, mainly based in Flanders. We had interesting conversations with L&D professionals from healthcare, education, business an­­­­d government. As expected, we see the same issues playing out in Belgium as with our clients in the Netherlands and the USA.”

Want to know more about learning in the workplace?

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