The organizers of the L&D festival chose a special set-up for the program: no classic one-hour sessions, but short, powerful meetings between providers and the public. Janine van Zoest: “What’s unique about this conference is that there’s no central opening or keynote speaker. From the moment we entered, we could choose from at least fifteen different workshops for every twenty-minute round. A total of twelve of these rounds were organized, with ten minutes of change-over time. So, quite a lot of choice! Everything could also be ‘sampled’ during the short lunch break, and there was time to get to know new faces.”

Implementing workplace learning solutions with the 5 Moments of Need™

Many organizations are thinking about innovating their learning activities, and the principles based on the 70-20-10 model in particular are popular. However, it remains difficult to fill in the “70.” During our sessions, Alfred Remmits demonstrated how companies and organizations in the Netherlands and the US do this by implementing innovative workplace learning solutions with the help of the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology. These are great projects that immediately show what this yields in ROI.

Janine van Zoest: “We’re seeing little difference in Belgium in terms of the challenges and activities in L&D compared to the Netherlands. What did strike us was that the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology was (still) completely unknown to the participants in our three sessions. Subjects like workplace learning and Performance Support are certainly ‘top-of-mind.’ There was also a lot of interest in our approach, so we expect that a number of hospitals, supermarket chains, and production companies will contact us to further discuss the methodology.

Let’s get to work!

Besides the important trends and developments in L&D, critical skills for the future, personalized learning, change management, coaching, and similar subjects also received a lot of attention during the L&D festival. Janine van Zoest: “One of the interesting workshops that I followed myself during our busy program was about ‘Learning Marketing.’ It compared motivating employees’ use of Performance Support and stimulating learning in organizations to the principles of marketing. It’s an interesting approach that we will certainly also get started with in our Xprtise team in the coming period.”