Greg Groce, Alfred Remmits and Robert Bezemer will attend in Sundance on behalf of Xprtise during the two and a half days of exploring how to better serve our learners through the 5 Moments of Need™. Greg: “I am really looking forward to the summit as the event brings together learning professionals from all over the world. Together with my colleagues Alfred Remmits and Robert Bezemer as a Xprtise team member we will immerse ourselves with gaining new knowledge, expertise and (strategic) plans to take home to share with our internal team and our customers.”

The summit program

The summit will focus on five main topics. These are:

  1. Developing 5 Moments of Need™ solutions that deliver measurable business impact.
  2. Shifting the learning culture to a performance mindset.
  3. Optimizing learning in the workflow.
  4. Establishing a 5 Moments of Need™ technology infrastructure.
  5. Partnering with the business to implement agile ISD practices.

While discussing topic #4 (establishing a 5 Moments of Need™ technology infrastructure), the event will host a panel of five technology partners. Greg: “This is our opportunity to ask questions, ideate and ‘deep dive’ into the technologies that support a 5 Moments of Need™ strategy. This forum provides an opportunity for all to best practice share, teach and learn.

More information

Visit our Xprtise website for more information about how we work with and implement the 5 Moments of Need™ solutions. For more information about the Benchmarking Summit, please visit or follow #5MoNSummit on social media for updates before, during and after the event.