The Summit was an ‘invitation only’ event for heads of learning, development, leadership development, talent management and organizational effectiveness with a limited amount of vendors. The meeting format included several networking opportunities in an intimate pace. As we were the only vendor focused on workflow-centric learning, we were able approached by many companies wanting to learn more about this important topic.

Bring learning closer to the work

Many of the speakers were discussing the necessity to bring learning closer to the work and the need to reinforce learning after training events. This fully aligns with Xprtise’s approach of finding the right balance between formal and informal learning. As Xprtise is passionate about providing employees the right information at the moment of apply via the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology. It’s where working, learning, and performing become one entity! As learning in the future is not only about classroom training and e-learning anymore, often it is a blend of different modalities, including support of employees in the workflow.

The future of work is now and happening rapidly

While there was much talk about the ‘future of work’ and how to leverage technology, many of the leaders were just as concerned with how company culture, diversity and inclusion, and developing leaders will be. It’s clear that supporting a truly global and diverse workforce is top of mind for L&D executives, including making certain the onboarding experience resonates with the younger generation’s expectations. Also Shelly Holt, VP Learning & Development of Expedia Group had a great quote as part of her keynote about the future of work. She stated: “Learning needs to meet the learner in the work. Eventually do we even need to train people?” The future of work is changing she says and learning and talent development leaders need to revitalize how to motivate and inspire employees to learn the critical skills needed to ensure success. Learners need new continuous, engaging learning experiences that encourage them to embrace change, and adapt to evolving business needs, while achieving personal growth and satisfaction. A very interesting keynote!

Design learning programs that drive performance

During the event we had the opportunity for 1 on 1 business meetings with decision makers. I was introduced to three companies – Verizon, AECOM and Sonic Automotive – based on a pre-conference assessment that revealed a mutual interest in learning more about one another. This certainly maximized our time together. Based on the sessions, informal conversations and business meetings it’s again clear to me that L&D professionals want to design learning programs that drive performance. Xprtise has a unique opportunity to have companies think a bit differently about their overall learning environment. We represent a way to bring learning closer to the work and sustain learning with our technology suite and 5 Moments of Need™ methodology while evolving their current training methods.

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Greg Groce
EVP Sales and Marketing