SBB asked Xprtise to design and implement a suitable Performance Support solution that should bring benefits in four areas:

  • Improve the satisfaction of vocational trainers in the quality of the support provided;
  • Increase the number of productive working hours;
  • Reduce the costs of training;
  • Reduce the number of errors and amount of rework needed.

Jet Boer, Team Coordinator and Project Leader at SBB: "A widely heard 'complaint' was it took too much searching to find the right information. There was a pressing need to map and facilitate access to the information in one central place. Finding the right information quickly and at their moment of need will greatly help the vocational trainers, the BPV-coordinators, and our own advisors. This can be achieved with a work-based learning solution. That's why we asked Xprtise to help us build a strategy to provide our staff with the information they need as effectively as possible."

The Performance Support solution that SBB is developing, brings learning and information provision into the flow of work. In this way, both the external vocational trainers and the internal advisors will soon have all the necessary information at their fingertips to carry out their work properly.

The next step

SBB wants to make more use of Xprtise's know-how to do more analyses soon. They want to continue with more customer-facing groups or educational institutions. Also other departments within SBB, for example the service desk, are now investigating how they can reshape their portal on the intranet according to The 5 Moments of Need® methodology.

Read the full project case of SBB here.