The 5 Moments of Need® Summit was initially planned to take place in Utah. When the pandemic threw a spanner in the works, not once but twice, Apply Synergies decided to hold the Summit virtually and expand it. About 80 participants from all over the world participated in the program, including two colleagues from Xprtise and two training consultants from Alrijne. The research question “how do we get the methodology embedded and adopted wider in the organization?” was the starting point. Saskia Huussen, Learning & Performance Consultant at Xprtise: "With Caroline and Sanneke from Alrijne, we participated in the Summit and immersed ourselves in the application of the 5 Moments of Need within the Alrijne Healthcare Group. Under the guidance of Bob Mosher and Dr. Conrad Gottfredson, we started to work on mapping out the current situation and the desired future state.In so doing, we formulated opportunities and identified challenges."

In-depth strategizing

In joint virtual sessions, themes and topics were discussed, and information was exchanged in plenary and break-out rooms. Sanneke Hagen, Training Consultant at Alrijne Academy: "We took the time to reflect on where we are now and where we want to grow in the coming years. Our Alrijne/Xprtise team expanded the themes from the joint sessions into separate tactical, strategic, and technical streams. As a result, we were able to go in-depth, formulate strategic challenges and opportunities together, work these into concrete plans, and a set of practical actions through which we can take the 5 Moments of Need® within Alrijne to a higher level."

Good business case

Caroline Luijbregts, Training Consultant at Alrijne Academy: "For the Academy, it is important to instill our vision and methods for learning into the organization. It is also important to demonstrate that we measure, how we measure, and what. Does everything we do improve the performance of our employees? Do our colleagues return on that? Do the numbers show it? In the end, we must demonstrate that learning has value differently. We must have a good business case, and it's all about the return on investment. The Summit has given us many good insights into this."

Some of the activities undertaken by Xprtise and Alrijne:

  • Strategic, tactical, technical, and measurement capabilities mapped out
  • The current and future situation analyzed
  • Strategic 5 Moments of Need® plans drawn up
  • Challenges and opportunities identified and prioritized
  • Participation in a hackathon to share best practices

Celebrating successes

Caroline: "In the summer, there was a hackathon, one of our highlights of the Summit. We were divided into groups and challenged to work together on an assignment. Our group created an infographic that outlines good practices for management and organization to work together well and celebrate successes. In addition to being a fun assignment, we've also developed a strong infographic that organizations can use." Sanneke: "Our group developed an idea for a learning solution to start learning to work using The 5 Moments of Need® approach. In the Academy, we are now considering to develop this for our fellow training advisors."

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