“Our aim is to make sure, together with the citizens of Amsterdam, that it is and remains an attractive capital.” That’s a great challenge for the employees of the City of Amsterdam, where an important spearhead is training employees and helping them to develop in their career. This is provided within the City of Amsterdam by the Amsterdam School. The Amsterdam School is the city’s centralized education department, and it supports employees and leaders in developing knowledge and skills.

The workplace learning solution

To examine how the Amsterdam School can use the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology to facilitate the “70” component, learning in the workplace, two different departments were chosen for an experiment: Subsidy Office and the Enforcement Office. Xprtise’s approach consisted of several steps:

  • The organization of two master classes to teach the departments’ decision-makers about the 5 Moments of Need™ principle and what could soon be done within the Subsidy Office and the Enforcement Office.
  • Analysis workshops with both offices to identify the current processes, to look at employees’ tasks and roles, and to determine which are critical and what information and knowledge is necessary to fulfill them.
  • The development of a proof of concept in which the necessary information and knowledge is incorporated in a first Performance Support draft.
  • The organization of an Experience Lab to inform the City of Amsterdam’s employees about the new learning strategies, and to show them how four other companies have set up Performance Support and how that works.
  • A demonstration of the developed Performance Support for both offices.
  • A “go” from both the Subsidy Office and the Enforcement Office to start using the developed Performance Support as a pilot.

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