During the workshop, Bob Mosher will focus on modernizing learning in the workplace and practical implementation of 70:20:10 model, in which informal and social learning plays an increasingly important role. 70:20:10 is based on the principle that 10% of learning takes place in a formal, classroom and e-learning setting, 20% through coaching and 70% during work at the workplace itself. The big question with regards to the 70:20:10 model is “How do you really design and develop your learning & performance solutions to address the ’70’ component? In this workshop Bob Mosher will inform us how the 5 Moments of Need™ approach addresses this question, and real examples of solutions developed based on the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology will be demonstrated.

Higher performance with ‘5 Moments of Need™

The ‘5 Moments of Need™ model is a practical model for achieving a higher performance.  The five moments of learning need are: (1) When you learn something for the first time, (2) when you want to learn more, (3) when you try to apply and / or remember, (4) when something goes wrong and (5) when things change. In this approach learning is linked to the performance of the employees which makes the return on learning immediately measurable.

Watch the video of the workshop ‘From learning to performing’ in April:

Bob Mosher during the workshop in April stated: “There is really a ‘shift’ going from training to performance. It is cool to see that many L & D professionals in the Netherlands see that training alone is no longer enough and therefore make the transition from traditional classroom and e-learning approaches to an approach in which learning is linked to the performance of employees. This ensures that our employees really learn at “the moment of need”. In addition, technologies like AskDelphi and Drillster are the ‘tipping points’ for me to enable the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology to succeed in an organization.”

Reserve your seat

Would you like to participate in this exclusive event on September 25th with Bob Mosher and would you like to learn all about applying Performance Support according to the 5 Moments of Need™ model? Reserve your seat in advance and subscribe via info@xprtise.com. The event is only open for registration to Learning & Development (HR) professionals working for L&D & HR departments of companies and organizations. The participation fee is € 125 per person excluding VAT. More information about the program and the location will be announced shortly.