Adaptive learning by Drillster provides you with a time efficient impactful way of learning that can be done literally anywhere and takes into account your role and knowledge level to keep your need to know knowledge, demonstrably, up to date. Therefor it is a must have in any learning eco system.

A new adaptive learning solution

Drillster is a new way of learning: technology, science, data, and, a smart algorithm wrapped up into one application. Drillster is question-based, adaptive, and predicts your future proficiency levels. Drillster makes learning 40% more efficient and 10% more effective!* It stops important knowledge from declining. We help you to develop, reinforce and retain knowledge and skills long-term, in a way that’s both fast and smart. Track, and check your knowledge levels year-round.


Why learn with Drillster?

Your proficiency levels are verifiable.

You learn, retain and reinforce knowledge and skills.

You learn 40% more efficiently, and 10% more effectively.

You reach an increased ROI on learning.  

You save considerable time and money. 

You require less classroom-training.

You can easily edit drill content yourself.



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