On May 4th from 15:15 to 17:00 Bob Mosher will give a unique preview of his workshop at the "Learning Technologies' conference about the 5 Moments of Need®. 

One thing the pandemic has taught us: Be prepared for the unexpected. Our future relies on our workforces to upskill faster, unlearn and relearn more efficiently, react to change quicker, and swiftly resolve problems as they arise—all while continuing to work

Embedding learning into the flow of work is no longer just a ‘nice to have’. It is a necessity.

At the ‘Learning Technologies 22 Exhibition’, Bob Mosher will be a key speaker in Track 2. The day prior to the conference, Bob Mosher will give a unique preview about the 5 Moments of Need®. Interested in this preview event? Click the button below to register!

With over 9000 attendees from 50 different countries, 200 seminars and 200 exhibitors, the ‘Learning Technologies’ conference in London continues to grow in their success.