Next Learning brought together over 800 enthusiastic Dutch learning professionals in Den Bosch. Alfred: “For me it was an extremely insightful and wonderful day! I met numerous L&D professionals from several companies, and I was able to catch-up on the most important business challenges and developments in our field. For me the sentiment of the Next Learning conference was similar to a “family reunion”. We’re all passionate about what we do and have similar experiences that we can express freely.

Expert session by Bob Mosher

Bob Mosher, Chief Learning Evangelist of Apply Synergies, together with Xprtise, organized an expert session about how to successfully implement a workplace learning solution strategy. Bob’s 5 Moments of Need™ methodology is used by many organizations as the predominant methodology for achieving outstanding workplace learning: the ’70’ in the 70:20:10 model. Alfred states, “As Bob points out during his session: ‘If you dare to approach the innovation of learning as a revolution within your organization, the business stakeholders will never accept the innovation, feeling it is too disruptive.  Although your approach may revolutionize learning and development, always implement this in an evolutionarily fashion with business stakeholder involvement’.”


5 Moments of Need™ methodology: big ‘eyeopener’

The successful introduction of innovative workplace learning solutions –according to Bob Mosher– is largely determined by choosing the right development method. This 5 Moments of Need™ approach is based on five moments of need that employees are confronted with in their learning and performance lifecycle. (1) When you learn something for the first time, (2) when you want to learn more, (3) when you try to apply and / or remember, (4) when something goes wrong and (5) when change happens.  Alfred states,  “During the session of Bob the conference room was standing room only. Bob showed us a checklist of items that are always forgotten, but are critical for the successful implementation of workplace learning. The interaction with the room shows that many L&D professionals are working on the 70:20:10 and workplace learning, but do not have concrete ideas on how to implement this into their daily business. The 5 Moments of Need™ approach turned out to be a real ‘eye-opener’ for many. After the session, we were able continue the conversation with many attendees wanting to learn more at our booth on the ‘Learning Playground’.”

Continuous learning’ approach

Alfred states, “One of the most impactful sessions I attended was hosted by ABN AMRO. Over the past year they introduced a completely new approach to compliance, information security, business continuity and operational risk learning. They no longer use separate training courses, but rather one program with a ‘continuous learning’ approach. They gave us insights into a number of fun and innovative projects with applications such as VR and Adaptive Learning.”

At Xprtise we thoroughly enjoyed the time spent at the Next Learning ‘reunion’. Based on what we’ve experienced we believe we are uniquely positioned to advise organizations when it comes to the actual design and implementation of workplace learning, in which the consistent use of the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology is crucial. We’re here to help, feel free to contact us via or +31 (0)6-53312590.

Source pictures: Next Learning.