In the coming months, we’ll be having “conversations” with our consultants about their background in learning and development, the Xprtise projects that make them proud, and their vision on the greatest challenges in Learning & Development in the coming years. This time, it’s our consultant DeAnna Bolton, based in the US that tells her story. Her fifteen year career in the Corporate Education industry has provided her opportunities to excel in a variety of functions including organizational development, management consulting and learning delivery. Since June 2018 she is working on projects for Xprtise.

Who? DeAnna Bolton.
What? Consultant at Xprtise since June 2018.
Where? Xprtise US, Tulma – Oklahoma.

“True learning comes from being able to immediately apply what you learn.”

My career in L&D started about fifteen years ago after spending several years as an XRay Technician. While working at the hospital I learned that I would rather be spending my efforts in helping employees have a better work life. This led me to pursue completing my college degrees in business and adult education. Once I graduated, I began work in Organizational Development and then moved into other roles within corporate talent development. While working at the corporate headquarters for a large retailer, I was introduced to Greg Groce, CEO Xprtise, U.S. and stayed in contact with him over the years. My transition into my current role with Xprtise came in June of 2018.

What gives you the most energy? What is your passion?

I love to teach and the whole education process. Being in a role that helps employees learn what they need to know to be successful not only helps them in their work life but also in their personal life. It is really exciting for me to ‘see the lights go on’ in somebody’s mind and see them learning something new. Above all: learning is fun to me!

In your current role, you’ve led initiatives that changed the way our field associates and leaders learn skills and consume information. Tell me more…

In my role as a Consultant at Xprtise I wear a couple of hats. One is project management. The other is Primary Consultant. Over the years, I have been able to lead and manage large projects and I bring this experience to my current role. I also have a background in consulting, which lends itself well when conducting needs analyses and gathering much needed information for the projects I’m responsible for implementing.

The project I’m currently leading is with a large, international manufacturing company and is focused on helping them implement the AskDelphi solution, which is based on the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology. During my L&D career, I’ve often wondered what can be provided employees to help support their learning after they complete formal training. This solution does just that. It’s a gap that I’ve seen and have experienced first-hand in my previous roles and now I’m able to help fill that gap for others: that’s really exciting!

What do you think is Xprtise’s distinguishing characteristic?

It is harder for people to transfer the classroom knowledge into applying it into their work. One of the adult learning principles is that information needs to be immediately applicable. If it’s not immediately applicable then it’s going be forgotten, or it’s going to be harder for people to retrieve it. True learning comes from being able to immediately apply what you learn. That’s what I really like about the purpose of Xprtise and the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology. Xprtise gives people the information they need in the moment that they need it.

Which Xprtise project are you most proud of?

We work for a worldwide manufacturing company in consumer goods. Earlier this year, we did several analyses of the production lines and identified all tasks and associated supporting knowledge and information that operators need. The results of this analysis were then translated into a pilot where employees quickly get the right information to correctly perform a specific task. This was very successful and now we are expanding our reach to other areas of their business.  We have the support in place that we need to be able to show the business case of how this can impact the way that they do their work and onboard their employees.

What do you think the greatest challenges will be in L&D in the coming years?

That challenge is quick access to information people need in the moment that they need it. It is something that L&D has been grappling with for many years, as there is a ton of information every employee needs to know to do his job. Being able to give employees the information and instruction they need when they need it, is crucial. The days of traditional classrooms being the ‘end all be all’ of training are dying out. Our role in L&D is changing and needs to change to meet the demand of all employees in every organization.

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