At Xprtise, we focus on workplace learning – or in other words, the “70” in the 70-20-10 model. Of course, the “10” also plays an important role for our clients in the total learning solution: the formal learning of highly critical tasks and continuous updating of critical knowledge. To support this, we work with Drillster, an adaptive and interactive learning and testing program.

Neeltje: “The ‘Certified by Drillster’ event is a yearly event that – like Drillster says – ‘brings your drill design to the next level.’ I attended the event because we want to stay updated on developments at Drillster, we want to see how other organizations use the software, and we want to get to know new ways of using the software even more effectively.”

Increase engagement

Neeltje: “In three interactive workshops, we learned how easy it is to create videos that help achieve learning goals and increase employee engagement. With the current technology, video, images, and sound are easy to use without needing much (extra) investment. We also saw nice, inspiring examples from KLM Cargo and Rabobank, who use video to make difficult learning content applicable, understandable, and fun. A big success.”

The most important piece of advice? Just start! Neeltje: “We really want to start using video in the workplace learning solutions we’re developing for Alrijne. We see a lot of opportunities for video and the use of ‘drills’ to give employees the possibility to keep their knowledge on these subjects current.”

About Drillster

Drillster is an innovative company offering an online program that helps people gain, maintain, and test knowledge. Drillster is unique in that it develops and maintains “sustainable” knowledge, and measures and calculates the actual ready knowledge of certain teaching materials. This makes Drillster ideally suited for compliance training within companies and for any type of education or studies where ready knowledge is important. Drillster is used by companies, educational publishers, educational institutions, and individual users in a free community.