At the initiative of the NVZ (Dutch Association of Hospitals), various activities were developed in 2017 to further promote workplace learning within the hospital world and to further develop knowledge in this. That’s why the workshop with Bob Mosher was organized last year and also several hospitals actively participated in the trip to the Masie event in the US last November.

5 moments of learning

The 5 Moments of Need™ approach is based on five moments of needs that hospital employees are confronted with in their learning and performance lifecycle. (1) When you learn something for the first time, (2) when you want to learn more, (3) when you try to apply and / or remember, (4) when something goes wrong and (5) when change business. It has become clear that this 5 Moments of Need™ methodology developed by Bob Mosher’s team is the leading methodology to address learning challenges, also in hospitals.

Training especially developed for Dutch hospitals

The NVZ has taken the initiative –in collaboration with the developers of the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology, Bob Mosher, Conrad Gottfredson and Alfred Remmits (CEO Xprtise)– to launch a version of the 5 Moments of Need™ training specifically developed for Dutch hospitals. This unique training, which will be carried out for the second time from September 11, will include Learning & Development staff from several Dutch hospitals and care organizations. Within three months you will learn all the aspects of the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology. It provides comprehensive guidance, on the theoretical part of the training, by the American developers of the methodology. The practical assignments are taught in Dutch, by experienced Dutch 5 Moments of Need™ professionals with an extensive experience in the Dutch hospital and care environment. You will also work on specific practical cases relevant to hospitals, which will be made available as Proof of Concept to all participants in this unique course.

What others say about the program

Caroline Luijbregts, Learning & Development advisor at Alrijne Healthcare Group who also joined the course: “Xprtise knows so much about the methodology. They gave us practical examples from hospitals which made it a lot clearer to us how workplace learning can really support employees and how we can create leverage for that in our organization.” Read the full case of Alrijne Healthcare Group.

Isabel Juliana, Head of Learning Department at Albert Schweitzer Hospital: This methodology will certainly help you in determining the right training solutions. In hospitals, people are used to e-learning or a multi-day training. The 5 Moments of Need™ methodology shows that this is not the best solution. With 5 Moments of Need™ a learning solution is built from daily practice and experiences, that creates support from the client as well as the employees!”

Practical details

The training program spans a period of three months with an individual time investment of about 40 to 50 hours. To achieve the ‘5 Moments of Need™ Designer’ Certificate, participation of at least 60% is required and of course a successful completion of the final assignment. The registrations are already running fast, but we still have places available, so … do you want to participate and get your ‘5 Moments of Need™’ Designer Certificate? Sign up quickly!

Interested in joining the course?

Are you interested in this unique ‘5 Moments of Need™’ program for hospitals and care organizations that starts on Tuesday, September 11th? Contact the 5 Moments of Need™ Academy Europe via or +31 (0)6-53312590.